Making paper pulped egg trays from waste paper boxes, waste books, waste newspapers, waste paper boxes, book scraps, etc.

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Egg Tray Machine Philippines

The Philippines is a very important market for Beston egg tray making machine. We have exported and installed several egg tray making machines to the Philippines. The egg tray making machine in the Philippines has brought great profits for our customers and has received great praises.

Egg Tray Machine Philippines
Beston Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines

Process of Installing Egg Tray Machine Philippines

1. Customers’visiting

On April 20, 2019, we welcomed our guests from the Philippines. It was the first time for the customers to China, so our sales manager waited in the arrival hall of the airport very early. We wanted to make the customers feel our enthusiasm as soon as they got off the plane.


2. Visiting of egg tray machine factory

On April 21, we accompanied our customers to visit the workshop of Beston egg tray making machine and also checked the machines ready for delivery to another country. The sales manager explained the advantages and characteristics of our egg tray machine in details, and meanwhile, answered the customers’ questions one by one seriously. After the visiting, the customers were very satisfied with the qualified equipment and considerate service from Beston.

Visiting of egg tray machine factory
Visiting of egg tray machine factory

3. Discussion of cooperation matters

In the afternoon, we have an in-depth communication with our customers in the office. We have discussed about the configuration, price, delivery, etc. Finally, we reached consensus and confirmed the purchase contract.

Discussion of cooperation matters
Discussion of cooperation matters

4. Trust on Beston Machinery

In order to show their purchasing sincerity and trust on Beston, the customers directly paid us $1,000 intention money in the office. Moreover, they promised to arrange the 30% advance payment as soon as they return back to the Philippines. The customers also wrote down his high recognition and sincere wishes for Beston before leaving China.

Trust on Beston Machinery
Trust on Beston Machinery

5. Receiving of prepayment

As soon as the customers returned to the Philippines, they started preparing the installation site and payment. On May 15, 2019, we received the 30% prepayment from the customers. (The following picture is the bank slip of the payment.)

Receiving of prepayment
Receiving of prepayment

6. Arrangement of manufacturing

After receiving the prepayment, we immediately arranged the workshop to start manufacturing the egg tray machine, so as to ensure timely delivery and live up to the customers’ trust. After intensive and orderly production and testing, the small egg tray making machine was delivered smoothly on July 5, 2019.

In order to prevent the machine from scratch or damage during the long shipping process, we packed and fixed the machine carefully in accordance with the company’s loading requirements.

Arrangement of manufacturing
Arrangement of manufacturing

7. Installation and testing

After the egg tray production machine arrived at the site, the customers informed us that we could arrange our engineers for installation. On August 10, 2019, our engineer arrived in the customers’ site and started the installation work in full swing at once. The engineer and local workers worked hard and cooperated well. After 20 days, the machine was installed, debugged and put into production successfully.

Installation and testing
Installation and testing

8. Training

In the end, the engineer carefully trained the local workers to ensure that they could operate and maintain the equipment independently. The professional skills and responsible attitude of Beston’s engineer have been well received by the customers and local workers.


The egg tray machine for sale Philippines has been equipped with advanced technology and high-quality devices, which can turn waste paper into various kinds of pulp moulding products, including egg tray, egg carton, egg crate, apply tray, coffee cup tray, etc. You can produce the final product by changing the mould you want.

Function of egg tray machine Philippines
Function of Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines

Advantages of Beston Egg Tray Factory Philippines

  • Cost-effectively and high efficiency;
  • Environmental-friendly;
  • One machine with multiple uses;
  • Highly standardized; Low loss; low failure rate;
  • Long service life;
  • Short stocking cycle and fast delivery;
  • Multiple options;
  • Flexible configuration…

Forecast of pulp molding industry in 2021 here.

egg tray machine for sale Philippines
Latest Egg Tray Machine for Sale in the Philippines

Affordable Egg Tray Machine Philippines Price

The egg tray making machine price is the Philippines is about USD 99,200. (Note: the price is just an estimated value. The detailed cost is depended on the machine you required. You can also learn about the ROI of the machine by reading the project report.)

egg tray factory Philippines
3D Drawing of Egg Tray Factory in the Philippines

Rich Experience of Exporting Beston Egg Tray Machine to the Philippines

It is not the first time for Beston to export egg tray machines to the Philippines. The following are some cases of egg tray machine Philippines.

Beston Egg Tray Machine to the Philippines
BTF1-3 Egg Tray Machine to the Philippines
Egg Tray Machine with Metal Dryer to the Philippines

Depending on the years of researching, designing and manufacturing experience, Beston has played a leading role in the paper pulp molding machine manufacturing and trading industry in the international market. We value the market of Philippines very much and believe that our products will bring constantly profits to the local investors and customers. If you want to have your own egg tray factory in Philippines, please leave your information below, and we will reply you in 24 hours.

    Please specify your requirement by referring to the following aspects:

    1-What kind of solution will meet your demand? (Key point)

    2-What kind of material and expected end product are you planning to have? (Right solution begins from material and product)

    3-When is the project supposed to be running? (Key info for A-Z project programming)

    4-Budget for machinery purchasing? (Key info for right model)

    5-Points that you really focus on. (Customized service from our project consultant)


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