Is investing an egg tray making machine profitable? Yes, it is!

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Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report

The egg tray making machine project report investigates on the project’s market demand, resource supply, construction scale, process route, equipment selection, environmental impact, fund raising, profitability, etc., and conducts research on the economic and social benefits of the project, scientific forecasts based on industry research experience, so as to provide customers with comprehensive, objective and reliable project investment value evaluation and project construction process consulting opinions. If you need detailed egg tray plant project report, please contact us. The following is a simple introduction to Beston egg tray making machine project.

Investing in egg tray making machine turns to be a trend on the market in recent years. Why?

  • The population of people has become larger, so the needs for eggs are huge, thereafter, products related to eggs are also in great need;
  • The economy in some countries grows fast now, especially the small private businesses and enterprises.

This egg tray machine requires a small investment but has fast and high return and that complies the needs of the local investors. So Beston values the market and offers different kinds of machines with high-quality.

Egg Tray Making Machine Project
Egg Tray Making Machine Project

Choices of Beston Egg Tray Machine Project

Forming Mould Quantity341216324048
Total Power33kw42-61kw53.5-85kw61-85kw127-144kw161-177kw223-226kw
Electricity Consumption23.1kw/h29.4kw/h37.59kw/h57.4kw/h89kw/h113kw/h156kw/h
Staffing Demand3-54-64-64-64-65-76-8
Material ConsumptionPaper85kg/h102kg/h170kg/h212kg/h298kg/h425kg/h520kg/h
Fuel Consumption (Brick Drying)Coal50kg60kg83kg104kg125kg208kg208kg
Natural Gas22-32m³/h26-36m³/h37-47m³/h46-56m³/h56-66m³/h92-103m³/h92-103m³/h
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas20-30m³/h20-30m³/h40-50m³/h40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h

Constitution of Beston Egg Tray Plant

Pulping System

You will need three pools, pulp pool, stirred tank and water pool. If you have a large production scale, you may need two stirred tanks.

The construction of pools is easy and flexible, the customer can do this according to their own demand.

The whole process of pulping produces no waste water. All the water is recycled.

Integrated Pulping System
Integrated Pulping System
Integrated Pulping System in Customer’s Construction Site
Integrated Pulping System in Customer’s Construction Site

Forming System

The design and manufacturing of the mold determine the quality and appearance of the egg trays.

The quantity of the mold determines the production scale and output. If you choose a mold for egg carton, it will be an egg carton machine that produces egg cartons.

All the production is calculated according to the domestic egg tray of 0.1kg.

Forming Machine with Egg Tray Mold on It
Forming Machine with Egg Tray Mold on It
Egg Tray Molds
Egg Tray Molds

Drying System

1. Natural drying in the sun: low cost but high demand for space and natural conditions (e.g. wind and temperature); suitable for small scale egg tray production line.

2. Brick drying system: low cost but ask for enough space and bricks; not suitable for the places where bricks are expensive.

3. Metal drying system: less floor area but higher cost and efficiency; cannot use coal and wood as the fuel in most of the foreign countries; suitable for large production line and the places where bricks cost too much.

Natural Drying in the Sun (with Shelf)
Natural Drying in the Sun (with Shelf)
Brick Drying System
Brick Drying System
Metal Drying System
Metal Drying System

Other Supportive Devices: sewage pump, a vacuum pump(used in dehydration and adsorption) and air compressor (used for mold ejection and release), etc.

Counting Device (Optional) – Video For Your Reference

Why Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Project is Popular?

1. Quality: all the main parts of the machine use stainless steel and the production line of our egg tray maker is strict.

2. Efficiency: maximum capacity is 5000-6000 pieces.

3. Function: can produce many different kinds of trays including egg trays, fruit trays, shoe supports, coffee cup trays, etc. We can also accept the sample mold brought by the customer and provide customizing service. Therefore, it is a comprehensive pulp molding machine.

4. Flexible Configuration: the total power is adjustable if the customers have their own requirements.

5. Eco-friendly: turn waste into wealth. Waste paper, newspaper and cartons can be recycled into useful paper egg trays.

6. Considerate After-sales Service: Beston has special after-sales engineering team and they can help the customer with the installation, training workers and testing-run, etc.

Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report
Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report in Indonesia
Egg Tray Plant Project in Colombia
Egg Tray Plant Project in Colombia
Egg Tray Plant Project in Russia
Egg Tray Plant Project in Russia

Egg Tray Manufacturing Process – How to Make Egg Tray

Egg tray production process is quite simple. Firstly, put the waste paper and water into the pulp pool and mix the two materials into a pulp until it reaches a certain concentration.

Secondly, transfer the pulp to the egg tray forming machine and the forming machine forms egg trays and the transfer machine transfer them to the conveyor.

And then, dry the egg trays in the drying system.

egg tray manufacturing project report
Egg Tray Manufacturing Project Process

Egg Trays Produced By Beston Egg Tray Plant Project

Egg trays
Egg tray
Egg trays for sale

Matters Need Attention in Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report

1. This pulp egg tray machine is basically designed for producing egg trays. If you want to produce egg cartons, fruit trays or coffee cup trays, you may add hot-pressing equipment, labeling or printing devices.

2. The water used in the whole production process is circulated. Since we use wastewater as the feedstock, the water may get dirty as the times of circulation. Therefore, you can add a wastewater treatment system if the water resource in your place is in shortage, so as to save the cost of water.

3. Bear in mind a regular cleaning of the whole machine and use sponge and cloth with mild detergent to clean.

4. Different drying system has different requirement for temperature, i.e.: natural drying in the sun: 30℃-4 hour 38-40℃-3 hour; brick drying: 180-200 ℃; metal drying (multiple-level): upper: 200℃, middle: 150℃, lower: 70℃. BTF 5-8 and BTF 5-12 must use a drying system to dry the egg trays, the natural drying cannot satisfy the requirement.

Economic Benefits in Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report

Remarks: The cost and profit analysis is according to the situation of China for reference. Different Clients need to analyze cost and profit according to your local situation.

Taking BTF1-3 as an example, the detailed benefit analysis is as follow:

Analysis of BTF-1-3 Egg Tray Production Line
Based on Chinese price
Material Waste papers 85kg/hr 22.5Hour $0.14/kg
Water(recycling) 255kg/hr 22.5Hour $0.32/t
Electricity 24KW/H 22.5Hour $0.14/KWH
Labor 4 person/shift 2 shifts/day $7.5/person/day
Egg trays 1000pcs/hr 22.5Hour $0.05/piece
Daily Input
Items Unit Consumption Unit price Total Remark
Waste papers kg 1912.5 $0.14 $267.75
Water t 5.7 $0.32 $1.82 water is recycled in actual production
Electricity KWH 540 $0.14 $75.60
Labor Person 8 $7.50 $60.00
Total $405.17
Daily Output
Items Unit Quantity Unit price Total Remark
Egg trays piece 22500 $0.05 $1,125.00
Total $1,125.00
Daily Profits
Output – Input $719.83
Month Profits (30 days) $21,594.78
Annual (12 Months) $259,137.36

Depending on the years of researching, designing and manufacturing experience, Beston Machinery has played a leading role in the paper pulp molding machine manufacturing and trading industry in China as well as Asia. We value the market and believe that our products will bring constantly profits to the local investors and customers.

If you are interested in waste paper recycling and paper egg trays making machines, you can contact us through the following information:

    Please specify your requirement by referring to the following aspects:

    1-What kind of solution will meet your demand? (Key point)

    2-What kind of material and expected end product are you planning to have? (Right solution begins from material and product)

    3-When is the project supposed to be running? (Key info for A-Z project programming)

    4-Budget for machinery purchasing? (Key info for right model)

    5-Points that you really focus on. (Customized service from our project consultant)


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