Making egg trays/cartons or other paper pulped products from waste paper boxes, waste books, waste newspapers, waste paper boxes, book scraps, etc.

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Pulp Molding Machine

Pulp molding machine is a machine that can produce packages like egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray and coffee cup tray, etc. Since it uses waste paper and water as the feedstock, it is also named paper molding machine. It is a machine that can effectively and properly dispose of waste paper and turn it into the useful resource.

Egg Tray Made by Pulp Molding Machine
Egg Tray
Egg Box
Egg Box
Fruit Tray
Fruit Tray
Shoe Tray Made by Pulp Molding Machine
Shoe Tray
Coffee Cup Tray by Paper Pulp Molding Machines
Coffee Cup Tray
Electrics Tray Made by Paper Pulp Molding Machine
Electrics Tray

Beston Machinery is a professional manufacturer of the machine. We can provide 8 types of pulp molding equipment and 7 of them are hot-sales now.

Latest Specification and Parameters of Beston Paper Pulp Molding Machine

Forming Mould Quantity341216324048
Total Power33kw42-61kw53.5-85kw61-85kw127-144kw161-177kw223-226kw
Electricity Consumption23.1kw/h29.4kw/h37.59kw/h57.4kw/h89kw/h113kw/h156kw/h
Staffing Demand3-54-64-64-64-65-76-8
Material ConsumptionPaper85kg/h102kg/h170kg/h212kg/h298kg/h425kg/h520kg/h
Fuel Consumption (Brick Drying)Coal50kg60kg83kg104kg125kg208kg208kg
Natural Gas22-32m³/h26-36m³/h37-47m³/h46-56m³/h56-66m³/h92-103m³/h92-103m³/h
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas20-30m³/h20-30m³/h40-50m³/h40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h

According to the differences in forming mold, our pulp moulding plants have single-side, four-side, eight-side and twelve-side designs.

Paper Pulp Molding Process

Paper pulp molding, similar to the egg tray making process, needs a complete production line including pulping, forming and drying.

  • Firstly, mix the waste paper (waste newspaper, waste book, waste paper carton) and water together in the hydraulic pulper with a suggested proportion of 4:1.
  • Secondly, the pulper make them into pulp and the pulp will be stored in the pulp pool. In the pulp pool, the vacuum pump pumps the pulp to the forming machine. Pulp will be formed by the forming mold and then transferred by the transfer mold.
  • And then, the molded pulp will go through the process of drying. There are three drying approaches for the customers to choose, i.e. natural drying in the sun, brick drying and metal drying. No matter which one you choose, the drying will be thorough.  After the thorough drying, the paper trays will be packed up by the packaging machine or by hand.
Paper Pulp Molding Process
Paper Pulp Molding Process – Turning Waste into Money!

Beston Group – Leader of Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturers

Leading Manufacturing Techniques

– Durable material-long service life

All the materials we used for producing the pulp molding equipment are rust protect and durable. We can guarantee quite a long service life of our machine.

– Scientific design-low failure rate during operation

We have professional design team for the machine. The working process is precise and accurate with a very low failure rate.

– Module design: flexible configuration and easy for installation and operation

  • The whole machine consists of different modules. The customer can change any part of them based on the professional advice of Beston engineers.
  • In addition, the module design enables very easy installation and operation.

After-sales service team

Leading Sales Volume in the World

As one of the reliable pulp moulding machine manufacturers in China, Beston has a strong ability to export the machine to the whole world. Till now, Beston has customers and followers from India, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dominica, Hungary, Tanzania, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Mexico, Syria, Indonesia, etc. We’ve got a wide recognition from many molded pulp manufacturers in the whole world now.

paper egg tray machine
Beston Paper Egg Tray Machine to the Sudan
automatic egg tray machine
Beston Automatic Egg Tray Machine in Dominica
small egg tray machine
Malian Customers Interested in Small Egg Tray Machine
egg tray equipment
Beston Egg Tray Equipment to Saudi Arabia
egg tray plant
Beston Egg Tray Plant to the Philippines

Because of the moderate cost and high quality, as well as the large market of the final products, the customers can get a high and fast return from their investment on the paper pulp making machines. Besides, it is also an eco-friendly plant that turns waste paper into useful and valuable resources. That’s also an important reason why our machine is so popular in recent years.

Paper Moulding Machine Price

If you’d like to choose a paper pulp machine at a reasonable price, you will need to understand the factors which affect the price of it.

1. Configuration. The different types of configuration you choose, the prices will differ. Higher-leveled configuration usually comes at a higher price. With high output and capacity, the price will be higher at the same time. For example, the plastic forming mold has a lower price than the metal mold, the prices of an integrated pulping system will be different from a traditional pulping system, and the four-side forming machine will be more expensive than a single-side forming machine.

In addition, the drying systems will also affect the pulp molding machine price. In different places and countries, the costs of the brick drying system and metal drying system will be different because of the price of brick and labor cost. If the budget is limited and you have a dry climate which can offer enough sunshine, wind, and high-temperature, we suggest the natural drying system if your production scale is not that large. In a word, although there are differences in prices, Beston will always promise to provide the most suitable machine to every customer.

2. Aside from the configuration, you also need to consider the labor cost, cost of spot, electricity, and water, etc. If you need a specific business plan for this machine, you can now leave your message to us and Beston professional sales specialist will respond as soon as possible.

Shipment of Pulp Moulding Machine

pulp moulding machine
pulp making machine
pulp molding machine

Except for acting an egg tray machine, Beston pulp molding machine can also recycle waste paper into other paper products like shoe tray/support, and other molded paper pulp packaging materials. If the customers have their own standard for the paper trays, they can send their mold to us at first and we are able to provide customizing production for that. Should you have any question about our machine, leave your message at any time.

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