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Pulp Molding Machine

Pulp molding machine refers to equipment that produces various paper trays and packaging. Beston Group offers three types of equipment. The first is the egg tray machine. This equipment can turn waste paper into egg trays and egg boxes. The second type is industrial packaging machines. This equipment can turn waste paper into various industrial packaging paper trays. The third type is the pulp molding tableware machine. This equipment can turn pulp board or fibrous biomass into tableware. Next, look at the details of each machine.

Use Beston Pulp Molding Machine for Sale to Make Paper Trays and Paper Packaging

Why Use Pulp Molding Machine to Recycle Waste Paper and Fiber Biomass?

Waste paper and waste biomass bring hidden dangers to people’s lives, such as environmental pollution, fire, disease, etc. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to recycle, turning them into paper trays is a profitable business option. Firstly, raw materials are cheap normally. Secondly, the end product market is extensive, like egg trays, egg cartons, tableware, etc. The end product is environmentally friendly and recyclable. It can be continuously recycled. Plastic has brought immeasurable pollution to people’s lives. Hence, paper trays has the great popularity. If this equipment is used to produce paper trays, the entire paper pulp manufacturing process will be efficient and energy-saving.

Use Beston Pulp Molding Machine to Recycle Waste Paper and Fiber Biomass

Brief Introduction of Beston Pulp Molding Machinery – 3 Types

Types Raw Materials Final Products
Type 1 Waste paper, like Cartons, wrapping paper, books, notebooks, A4 paper, document paper, pulp, etc. Agricultural product packaging, like egg trays (20f hole & 30 hole), egg carton (6 hole, 12 hole and 18 hole), fruit tray, etc.
Type 2 Waste paper, like Cartons, wrapping paper, books, notebooks, A4 paper, document paper, pulp, etc. Industrial product packaging, like coffee cup holders, seedling nursery holders, cosmetic paper holders, electronic product paper holders, etc.
Type 3 Fiber biomass Tableware trays, like  food boxes, food plates, food bowls, food containers, fruit plates, cup lids, etc.

Raw Materials and Final Products of Pulp Moulding Machine

Type 1: Use Paper Pulp Molding Machine to Make Paper Tableware

This equipment can also be called pulp molding tableware machine. It can be used to make a variety of tableware. And it includes two types, including semi-automatic and fully automatic types. Beston Group supports mold customization. Please see the parameters.

Note: The raw material is fibrous biomass.

Use Paper Pulp Molding Machine to Make Paper Tableware - Beston Group

NameModelCapacity (23h)Equipment SizeWeightTableware HeightHot-press PressureWorkerTrimming
Semi-automatic Tableware MachineBCB-9500.4-0.6T4100*1200*280011T80-100mm40T1
Automatic Tableware MachineBCB-950s0.8-1T5400*2500*280016T80-100mm40T0100T

How to Make Paper Tableware?

The production process mainly includes pulp making process, forming process, drying process, trimming process, sterilization process, and packaging process. Please learn the detailed production process in the video below.

Type 2: Use Pulp Moulding Machine to Make Agricultural Product Packaging

This type of equipment can also be called paper egg tray machine. It can be used to make various types of egg trays. It includes five models. Beton Group supplies plastic and aluminum molds for this equipment. Customers can choose customized molds to produce paper trays that better suit their products. Additionally, Beston Group offers metal dryers to quickly dry egg trays. Please see the parameters of this device.

Use Pulp Moulding Machine to Make Agricultural Product Packaging

Forming Mould Quantity34121632404864
Total Power32kw36-60kw55-74kw58-88kw127-144kw153-190kw226-239kw374.2
Electricity Consumption23.1kw/h29.4kw/h37.59kw/h57.4kw/h89kw/h113kw/h156kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand3-54-64-64-64-65-76-86-8
Material ConsumptionPaper85kg/h102kg/h170kg/h212kg/h298kg/h425kg/h520kg/h640kg/h
Fuel Consumption
(Multi-layer Metal Drying)
Natural Gas25-35m³30-40m³35-45m³48-58m³60-70m³75-85m³90-100m³120-130m³

How to Make Agricultural Product Packaging?

Paper pulp molding process refers to the egg tray/carton making process. This process needs a complete production line including pulping, forming and drying.

  • Firstly, mix the waste paper (waste newspaper, waste book, waste paper carton) and water together in the hydraulic pulper with a suggested proportion of 1:5 or 1:6.
  • Secondly, the pulper makes them into pulp and the pulp will be stored in the pulp pool. In the pulp pool, the vacuum pump pumps the pulp to the forming machine. Pulp will be formed by the forming mold and then transferred by the transfer mold.
  • And then, the molded pulp will go through the process of drying. Beston Group recommend metal egg tray drying as a drying method for customers. Because this drying method is more efficient. It helps you to dry egg trays thoroughly in the shortest possible time (about 15-20 minutes). After thorough drying, the paper trays will be packed up by the packaging machine or by hand.

How to Make Agricultural Product Packaging by Paper Pulp Molding Machine

Leading Sales Volume in the World

As one of the reliable pulp moulding machine manufacturers in China, Beston has a strong ability to export the machine to the whole world. Till now, Beston has customers and followers from 100+ countries, including India, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dominica, Hungary, Tanzania, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Mexico, Syria, Indonesia, etc. We’ve got a wide recognition from many molded pulp manufacturers in the whole world now.

Type 3: Use Pulp Molding Machinery to Make Industrial Product Packaging

This type of equipment may also be called a industrial packaging machine. It is used to produce a variety of industrial packaging. And it includes single-station and double-station type. Beston Group offers custom molds. Customers can send us product pictures and specific data. Please see the parameters of this machine.

Use Paper Pulp Molding Machine to Make Industrial Product Packaging

ModelMould Template SizeCapacity(24h)Equipment sizeweightFinal Trays height(Max.)PowerLabor needed
BGB-2600*80014400Mould Templatestation2800*2200*38001.8T75mm500w1
BGB-1600*8007200Mould Templatestation1300*2200*38001T75mm500w1

How to Make Industrial Product Packaging?

The entire production process is similar to that of making agricultural packaging. Please see the image below for the detailed process.

How to Make Industrial Product Packaging by pulp molding equipment

Cases Over the World

This kind of machine has been shipped to Indonesia, Thailand, etc. These machines are mainly used to make coffee trays and industrial packaging. The following video is of paper pulp moulding machine sent to Indonesia. Before shipping, Beston Group conducted a trial run at the factory. The trial run went smoothly. This ensures the quality of the equipment. If customers are interested, Beston Group welcomes customers to visit the factory and view the equipment! See more cases of pulp molding machine here.

Beston Group – Leader of Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturers

Strong Strength: Lare-area Factory & Full Pulp Molding Production Line

Beston Group is a pulp moulding machine manufacturer. We have a factory that occupies 200000 square meter. Customers can get a full range of equipment and professional team services here.

Professional Team: Scientific Design Ensures Low Failure Rate During Operation

Beston Group has professional design team for the machine. The working process is precise and accurate with a very low failure rate. We support third parties for evaluation.

After-sales Service: After-sales Service to Ensure Customer Rights and Interests

The modular design of the paper moulding machine makes the transportation and installation processes much simpler. Customers can choose to install it themselves. If customers needs assistance, Beston Group will continue to help customers complete the entire project. Beston Group provides professional drawing design, online and offline installation guidance, and so on.

Beston Group is a Leader of Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturers

Evaluate Paper Moulding Machine Price

If you’d like to choose a pulp molding equipment at a reasonable price, you will need to understand the factors which affect the price of it.

1. Configuration. The different types of configuration you choose, the prices will differ. Higher-leveled configuration usually comes at a higher price. With high output and capacity, the price will be higher at the same time. For example, the plastic forming mold has a lower price than the metal mold, the prices of an integrated pulping system will be different from a traditional pulping system, and the four-side forming machine will be more expensive than a single-side forming machine. In a word, although there are differences in prices, Beston will always promise to provide the most suitable pulp moulding plant to every customer.

2. Aside from the configuration, you also need to consider the labor cost, cost of spot, electricity, and water, etc. If you need a specific business plan for this machine, you can now leave your message to us and Beston professional sales specialist will respond as soon as possible.

Evaluate Paper Moulding Machine Price

Start Your Pulp Molding Business Here

Because of the moderate cost and high quality, as well as the large market of the final pulp molding products, customers can get a high and fast return from their investment on the paper pulp making machines. Besides, this machine is also an eco-friendly plant that turns waste paper into useful and valuable resources. That’s also an important reason why this machine is so popular in recent years. If you have an interest in this machine and solution, leave your message to Beston Group! See Beston Youtube to see more videos.

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