Making charcoal from rice husk.

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Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine

Are you looking for rice husk charcoal making machine for sale? Please have a look at Beston Group! We can provide the most suitable solution and machine for you. Come and follow us to learn about the machine here.

rice husk charcoal making machine
Installation of Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine
rice husk charcoal machine
rice husk biochar

What is Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine?

Rice husk charcoal making machine refers to a machine that converts rice husk or other biomass materials into useful resources. The rice husk is rich in lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose. In the high-temperature oxygen-free pyrolysis process, the carbon and hydrogen elements in rice husk are converted into high-calorie mixed combustible gas, charcoal and by-products: wood vinegar and tar.

The machine can be also called rice husk/hull biochar machine, rice husk/hull carbonizer, rice husk/hull carbonization machine, rice husk/hull pyrolysis machine, etc.

Beston rice husk charcoal making machine for sale

Applications of Rice Husk Charcoal Machine

– Recycling and treatment of rice husk
Raw Material – Rice Husk
Raw Material – Rice Husk
Final Product – Rice Husk Charcoal
Final Product – Rice Husk Charcoal

The charcoal maker machine can be used for dealing with rice husk and other kinds of agricultural and forestry garbage, such as bamboo, straw, wood, sawdust, etc. After being processed by the machine, all the waste can be reduced, which can contribute to the environment. At the same time, they can be converted into useful resources.

  • Charcoal: used in daily life, agriculture, industry, etc.;
  • Wood vinegar: used for anti-insect fungicide, pesticide intermediates, soil amendment;
  • Tar: used as Basic raw material for smelting bio-diesel;
  • Combustible gas: used for heating the carbonization furnace for secondary use.
– Industrial hookah charcoal/barbecue charcoal production
Industrial hookah charcoal
Industrial Hookah Charcoal (Shisha Charcoal)
barbecue charcoal
Barbecue Charcoal

By using rice husk charcoal making machine, we can get the most important end product, rice husk charcoal. The charcoal can be further processed into industrial hookah or barbecue charcoal, both of which have high values and can be applied in many areas. It is the most suitable machine for the industrial hookah charcoal or BBQ charcoal production.

– Fuel alternative solution for industrial plants

Fuel alternative for industrial plants

Besides being used as hookah charcoal or BBQ charcoal, the rice husk charcoal can be also used as fuel to provide heat in many industrial plants. The solution can not only save cost by replacing traditional energy sources, but also open up a new way of revenue for high-energy-consuming factories such as cement plants, boiler plants, brick plants, ceramic plants, power plants, ships, etc.

– Soil remediation and improvement

Soil remediation and improvement

The generated rice husk biochar can significantly increase soil pH, change soil texture, and increase base exchange capacity, thereby causing soil CEC to increase. It affects the absorption of nutrients by plants and improves soil organic matter. On the one hand, biochar can adsorb soil organic molecules and promote the polymerization of small organic molecules to form SOM through surface catalytic activity. On the other hand, the extremely slow decomposition of biochar itself contributes to the formation of humus and promotes the improvement of soil fertility through long-term action. Rice husk biochar can also change the form of toxic elements, reduce pollution during plant growth, promote the uptake of nutrient elements, and promote plant growth.

– Charcoal production for steel mills/silicon plants

Charcoal production for steel mills

The rice husks carbonized by the carbonization machine are calcined by the process, which do not contain other impurities, are light in weight, low in thermal conductivity, and have excellent thermal insulation capabilities. In metallurgy and casting, the use of carbonized rice husks to cover the surface of molten steel or molten iron can reduce the heat loss of molten steel or molten iron by radiation, convection, and conduction, and reduce the melting temperature and energy consumption under the premise of the metal casting temperature. It can also reduce the shrinkage of the steel, which is extremely beneficial to improve the yield of the steel.

– Carbon sequestration and emission reduction

Carbon sequestration and emission reduction

Rice husk biochar is formed through the biomass pyrolysis process. It is essentially what we use rice husk charcoal making machine to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into a stable form of carbon that looks like charcoal powder. Biochar can hold carbon in the ground for hundreds of years. The carbon dioxide captured by plants through photosynthesis is converted into biochar, which is sequestered underground and isolated from the atmosphere for hundreds of thousands of years. This is a great way to remove carbon, help fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

How to Make Rice Husk Charcoal? - Rice Husk Carbonization Process


In the drying stage (inner barrel), the temperature is about 150℃, the external and internal moisture of the rice husks are evaporated by the heat supplier from the outside, and the shape of the rice husks will not change at this time.


In the endothermic pyrolysis stage at 220-270℃, the rice husks begin to decompose and release gaseous products (such as CQ, CO2, H2S, etc.), the chemical composition of the rice husks begins to change, and the temperature at which different materials begin to pyrolyze is different. Materials with a low degree of deterioration also start at a lower temperature for pyrolysis.


The temperature in the carbonization stage is 270-400℃, and the reaction is mainly polycondensation and thermal decomposition. A large amount of volatiles are precipitated from the rice husk, and almost all the products such as methanol, and ethylene precipitated in the carbonization process are produced in this stage.

rice husk charcoal making machine

Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

To meet different customers’ requirement, Beston Group has developed different rice husk charcoal machines for sale. This is the category for your reference:

  • By series: BST series, BST-J series, BST pro series;
  • By models: BST-J12,BST-J18,BST-J40,BST-05 Pro,BST-10,BST-30,BST-50;
  • By type: skid-mounted type, batch type, fully continuous type;
  • By functionality: bamboo, sawdust, wood, coconut shell, palm shell, straw, sewage sludge, etc.
rice husk charcoal making machine
Mobile Skid-mounted Rice Husk Charcoal Machine
batch rice husk charcoal making machine
Batch Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine
continuous rice husk charcoal making machine
Continuous Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine
Model BST-J12 BST-J18 BST-J40 BST-05 Pro (skid-mounted) BST-10 BST-30 BST-50
Input Capacity 12m³/batch 18m³/batch 40m³/batch 0.3-0.5m³/h 2-4m³/h 7-9m³/h 10-15m³/h
Reactor Size φ1900mm*L4500mm φ1900mm*L6600mm φ2800mm*L7100mm φ830mm*L5500mm φ1300mm*L14051mm φ1700mm*L14180mm φ2000mm*L14260mm
Land for Equipment (L*W*H, Standard Configuration) 9m*6m*6m 12m*6m*7m 15m*18m*7m 10m*8m*3.9m 29m*15m*5m 30m*15m*8m 35m*18m*9m
Weight (Standard Configuration) 18T 22T 34T 15T 32T 35T 49T
Energy Consumption (Standard Configuration) 11kw/h 13.5kw/h 25kw/h 31kw/h 34.7kw/h 61.5kw/h 116kw/h
Working Method Batch Fully continuous
Feeding Requirement / Size: ≤20mm; moisture: ≤15%; strong liquidity
Structure Horizontal rotation Double barrel single hearth Double barrel double hearth
Speed 0-2RPM 1-9RPM
Control Method Control by buttons PLC control
Reactor Material Q245R Q245+310S
Pressure Micro negative pressure
Heating Material Diesel, natural gas, heavy oil, biomas, etc.
Heating Method Direct heating
Noise (dB) ≤80
Condenser Circulating water cooling
Rotation Method External gear rotation

Features/Advantages/Benefits of Beston Rice Husk Biochar Machine

Explosion-proof Hole

When the rice husk charcoal making equipment is working, the pressure is slightly negative pressure (the pressure gauge shows that 8mm is negligible), explosion-proof hole at the end of the main furnace (to prevent the pressure inside the equipment from being too large).

Equipped with Alarm Device

The PLC electric cabinet has an alarm device, and there will be an alarm display and an alarm for some electrical failures.

With Explosion-proof Water Seal

There is an explosion-proof water seal at the combustible pipeline (to prevent abnormal pressure of combustible gas in the equipment).

Variable Frequency Fan Guide

The direction of the gas in all pipelines is led by the fan (the fan is variable frequency), and it will be displayed on the PLC when the pipeline is blocked.

Double Barrel Body is Used

Using inner and outer double-layer cylinders, the outer layer is deeply heated, the whole machine adopts a double-return heating structure, and the user has a very high praise rate.

High Heat Efficiency

The material is not in contact with the flue gas and is not polluted by hot air, and the heat utilization rate of the single-layer external heating structure is more than doubled.

Good Energy-saving Effect

The heat utilization rate of this equipment is higher, the use of air heat ex-changer can effectively improve the thermal efficiency by 5-10%, and the energy saving effect is good.

Internet of Things

Monitor product usage, operation parameters, faults and other information, and grasp product information in real time.

rice husk charcoal making machine
rice husk charcoal making machine for sale
rice husk charcoal making machine for sale price

Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Making Machine Price

Beston Group is specialized in the production of charcoal making machine since 2013. We will match different processes and models to you according to your processing capacity needs:

For skid-mounted type rice husk charcoal making machine for sale, the price starts at $61500;

For batch type rice husk charcoal making machine, the price starts at $30500;

For continuous type rice husk charcoal making machine, the price starts at $125000.

If you want to learn about the latest cost and the ROI analysis of your own project, please contact us for quotation right now!


  1. The price is just an estimated value;
  2. The detailed cost is depended on the charcoal manufacturing machine you required;
  3. The processing technology and raw material are the main factors to influence the charcoal machine price.
  4. We will have irregular discounts, so you can contact us for the latest activity policy.
rice husk charcoal briquettes machine
Installation Site of Beston Rice Husk Charcoal Briquettes Making Machine

Why Do Customers Choose to Invest in Rice Husk Charcoal Machines?

High ROI
Wide Applications
Benchmark Project
Governmental Support
Waste to Energy
Improve the Environment
IOT & PLC Control
Large Processing Capacity
Fully Continuous
High Praise Rate
High-quality Charcoal/Biochar
Environmental Friendly
Integrated Solution

How to Start a Rice Husk Charcoal Making Project in Your Country?

STEP1. Confirm the channel for raw materials;

STEP2. Investigate and confirm the price, sales or applications of the finished products;

STEP3. Get the certificates required for the project;

STEP4. Confirm your requirement on rice husk charcoal making machine;

STEP5. Search and select a reliable manufacturer to buy a high-quality equipment;

STEP6. Prepare a piece of land for installing the project;

STEP7. Confirm local voltage, water, electricity, and fuel;

STEP8. Place an order, install and run the project.

Why Do Customer Choose Beston Group?

The technology of Beston charcoal making machine is the best and most trusted among all the carbonization processes that I know in the market.” One of our customers said this. Besides technology, Beston’s various patents and certificates, high-quality products, customized solutions, quick response, perfect service, rich experience on manufacturing, exporting and installation, and so on have also touched countless customers. Come and join us! We will help you build benchmark project in your country!

    Please specify your requirement by referring to the following aspects:

    1-What kind of solution will meet your demand? (Key point)

    2-What kind of material and expected end product are you planning to have? (Right solution begins from material and product)

    3-When is the project supposed to be running? (Key info for A-Z project programming)

    4-Budget for machinery purchasing? (Key info for right model)

    5-Points that you really focus on. (Customized service from our project consultant)


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