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Resource Utilization | Reduction

Today, approximately 15 million tons of wood waste are generated globally each year. However, less than 20% is utilized as a resource. As an expert in recycling industry, Beston Group provides pyrolysis solution to dispose of wood waste. The solution can maximize the value of wood waste resources.

wood accumulation

wood burning

wood landfill

Why Pyrolysis?


Wood pyrolysis can minimize the volume of wood processing waste. It can greatly solve timber accumulation, landfills, or burning problems. Our solutions mitigate issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, land space occupation and more.

Resource Utilization

Through pyrolysis, useless wood waste can be recycled into valuable products such as biomass charcoal and biogas. By converting waste into resources, our solutions can help you broaden your industrial chain. In addition, the high market demand for charcoal can also create new profit opportunities for you.

Overview Of Charcoal Machine


Wood Feeding

Input wood with a size less than 20mm and 20% moisture content into the drying furnace.


Wood Drying

After drying, the moisture content of the wood reaches about 15%.


Combustible Gas Collection

Collect combustible gas to provide heat source for the machine.


Charcoal Collection

Charcoal is collected through the out put system.


Charcoal Molding

Through charcoal briquette machine, charcoal can be processed into various shapes.

Circular Wood Recycling Solution We Offer

The pyrolysis converts woody biomass into charcoal/biochar. At the same time, biochar is utilized to protect forests from wildfires and enhance the health of forest soil. Moreover, charcoal provides energy for wood processing factories. This cyclical solution opens up a new path for sustainable waste recycling.

Wood Waste
Bamboo Waste

Wood Waste

  • From Forest Planting


  • From Forest Harvesting

    logging residues

  • From Sawmill

    wood chips

  • From Wood Processing Factory

    furniture production residues boards processing residues

Bamboo Waste

  • From Bamboo Plantation

    bamboo branches
    bamboo knots

  • From Bamboo Harvesting

    bamboo pole

  • From Bamboo Processing Factory

    bamboo chips
    bamboo fiber

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What Equipment Can We Offer?

Batch Charcoal Machine

Input capacity: 12-40m³/batch
Low feed moisture&size requirements
Small capacity, one day one batch

Skid-mounted Charcoal Machine

Input capacity: 0.3-0.5m³/h
Easy to transport and install
PLC control

Continuous Charcoal Machine

Input capacity: 2-15m³/h
Large capacity and 24h continuous work
PLC control

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