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In food processing industry, coconut shells, nutshells, coffee husks, and sugarcane bagasse are common biomass waste. Accumulation, burning, and landfilling solutions may cause carbon dioxide emissions, fire hazards. As an expert in waste recycling industry, Beston Group provides pyrolysis solutions for recycling these biowastes.

Biowaste Accumulation

Biowaste Burning

Biowaste Landfill

Overview Of Charcoal Machine


Coconut Shell Feeding

Input coconut shell with a size less than 20mm and 20% moisture content into the drying furnace.


Coconut Shell Drying

After drying, the moisture content of the coconut shell reaches about 15%.


Combustible Gas Collection

Collect combustible gas to provide heat source for the machine.


Coconut Charcoal Collection

Coconut Shell charcoal is collected through the out put system.


Charcoal Molding

Through charcoal briquette machine, charcoal can be processed into various shapes.

Note: Here is an example of recycling coconut shells as recycling bio waste.

Circular Biowaste Recycling Solution We Offer

  • Biowaste to charcoal

    Pyrolysis solution can process biomass waste from plantations and food processing into charcoal.

  • Charcoal for food processing industry

    Charcoal can also be used as fertilizer for plantations and alternative fuel for food processing industry.

It is an excellent circular solution. It can maximize your returns while minimizing environmental impact.

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Coconut Shell to
Nutshell Shell to
Coffee Shell to
Bagasse Sugarcane
to Charcoal/Biochar

What Equipment Can We Offer?

Batch Charcoal Machine

Input capacity: 12-40m³/batch
Small capacity, one day one batch
Low machine cost

Skid-mounted Charcoal Machine

Input capacity: 0.3-0.5m³/h
Modular frame and easy to install
PLC control

Continuous Charcoal Machine

Input capacity: 2-15m³/h
Continuous and large-scale processing capacity
PLC control

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