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Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

If you are planing to start a medium scale egg tray manufacturing business, Beston semi automatic egg tray making machine will be your best choice, with smaller investment but higher capacity and efficiency.

Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine
Beston Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale

Kinds of Egg Trays Made by Beston Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Beston semi automatic egg tray machine can make different kinds of egg trays according to your requirement, eggs ranging from 6 to 30+. Besides, the machine can be also used for making egg carton, shoe tray, apple tray, coffee cup tray, etc. You can choose the machine based on the molded pulp products you want.
Egg Tray Made By Beston Machinery

trays made by Beston

Beston Semi-Automatic Egg Tray Machine Price

The semi automatic egg tray maker machine is about USD9000-70000. The price maybe not the best price, but you can contact us for knowing more about our machine, and judge whether the machine is wonder the price or not.

Beston Semi-Automatic Egg Tray Machine
Beston BTF4-4 Semi-Automatic Egg Tray Machine with Brick Dryer Shipped to Indonesia
(Note: the price is just an estimated value. The detailed cost is depended on the machine you required. We have big discounts irregular, and the price will be very favorable. Contact us for the latest discount.)

Features of Beston Semi Automatic Type Egg Tray Plant

  • The semi automatic type machine is generally equipped with brick drying system, which requires workers to put wet trays into the carts, dry the trays automatically in the brick system and then push the dried trays out. So it means “semi automatic”.
  • It is cheaper than the fully continuous type, and needs smaller occupied area and investment.
  • It has higher efficiency than the manual egg tray machine, which is the most cost-effective.
  • Low failure rate: we do our best to lower the failure rate of the final products near to ZERO, including a reasonable design and precise calculation.
  • Strong quality: the paper trays produced by Beston semi automatic pulp molding equipment is reliable. They are more durable than many of the like products on the market.
  • Competitive price: because of the strong quality, those paper trays, especially the paper pulp egg tray price on the market is better than other like products. The customers can get a fast and high return from the investment.
  • Recyclable: since the raw materials are only water and paper, the paper pulp tray is recyclable and eco-friendly, quite different from those plastic trays.
semi-automatic egg tray machine
Beston BTF4-4 Semi-automatic Egg Tray Machine

Models of Beston Automatic Egg Tray Making Machines for Sale

For semi automatic type, we highly recommend you to choose 4-sides or 8-sides, which can produce 1500-8000 pieces egg trays per hour. If you want one-side machine with semi-automatic type, it’s ok.

Forming Mould Quantity34121632404864
Total Power32kw36-60kw55-74kw58-88kw127-144kw153-190kw226-239kw374.2
Electricity Consumption23.1kw/h29.4kw/h37.59kw/h57.4kw/h89kw/h113kw/h156kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand3-54-64-64-64-65-76-86-8
Material ConsumptionPaper85kg/h102kg/h170kg/h212kg/h298kg/h425kg/h520kg/h640kg/h
Fuel Consumption
(Multi-layer Metal Drying)
Natural Gas25-35m³30-40m³35-45m³48-58m³60-70m³75-85m³90-100m³120-130m³
Brick Egg Tray Drying System
Brick Egg Tray Drying System

Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Process

A complete paper pulp moulding process includes:

Paper pulp making – Paper pulp moulding – Moulding finished – Drying – Packaging

Description: Firstly, you need to prepare water and waste paper as the raw materials for the pulp molding process, the proportion is usually 1:4. Secondly, you need a hydraulic pulper to make paper pulp from the raw materials. At the same time, a pulp pond beater and stirred tank are necessary. Thirdly, if the paper pulp is ready, you need a paper pulp moulding machine (forming machine with the forming mould) to make the pulp into designed shapes. After the moulding finishes, the transfer machine with a transferring mould transfers the molded pulp off the forming mould. Then the wet trays will be dried in the brick drying system. Finally, use a packaging machine or manpower to package the final products.

Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Process
Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Process

Choose Beston Machinery!

Considerate Service

No matter the pre-sale, on-purchase or the after-sale phases, Beston team will provide the most considerate service to every customer, including business plan suggestion, product quality control and production supervising and tracking, installation and test-running of the machine as well as the regular return visits in the following years.

Strong Technological Support

We have a strong technical support team consisting of professional engineers, technicians and experienced workers. We can also provide customized and turn-key service according to your specific requirement.

Strong Design Team

We have specialized design team which is able to do precise research, calculation and design for every part of the egg tray making machine to make sure a competitive quality of our machine.

Beston multifunctional semi automatic egg tray making machine will continue helping more investors in the world to make profits. At the same time, as a good solution to solve the problem of waste paper, waste paper pulp moulding will be the main trend of disposing of waste paper. Hence, if you are interested in this industry, it’s never too late to get move right now. You can just leave your message to us below and we will respond with a specific business plant as soon as possible.

    Please specify your requirement by referring to the following aspects:

    1-What kind of solution will meet your demand? (Key point)

    2-What kind of material and expected end product are you planning to have? (Right solution begins from material and product)

    3-When is the project supposed to be running? (Key info for A-Z project programming)

    4-Budget for machinery purchasing? (Key info for right model)

    5-Points that you really focus on. (Customized service from our project consultant)


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