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Charcoal Making Machine in Ghana

Are you planning to install a charcoal making machine in Ghana? Up to now, Beston Group has exported 3 sets of charcoal machines to Ghana and installed the machines in 3 different cities. Buying a biochar machine in Ghana to recycle biomass waste and sewage sludge has become more and more popular. In this page, we will introduce the 3 cases in details and also will give you some advice on starting a biomass charcoal making machine in Ghana.

Charcoal Making Machine in Ghana
Beston Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Ghana

Beston Charcoal Making Machines in Ghana

CASE 1: BST-12 palm kernel shell charcoal making machine to Ghana in 2018,11

Model: BST-12;

Capacity: 1t/h;

In November, 2021, Beston has shipped one set of BST-12 palm shell charcoal making machine to Ghana. You can have a look at the shipping news in this post. Customer in Ghana ordered the machine and planned to installed the machine in Ghana to recycle various sizes of palm shell. It was the first time for Beston Group to export biomass charcoal machine to Ghana.

BST-12 palm kernel shell charcoal making machine to Ghana
BST-12 charcoal making machine to Ghana

CASE 2: BST-05 sawdust charcoal production machine to Ghana in 2019.3

Model: BST-05;

Capacity: 0.5t/h;

In March, 2019, Beston has exported the second set of charcoal making machine to Ghana. The customer bought the charcoal machine to recycle sawdust into charcoal. The sawdust charcoal machine has been designed according to the customer’s requirement. It has two furnaces and de-dusting systems. The smaller furnace is used for drying the sawdust, while the larger one is used for carbonizing the sawdust. It has higher carbonization efficiency compared with the general design.

BST-05 sawdust charcoal production machine to Ghana
sawdust charcoal production machine to Ghana

CASE 3: BST-J12 batch sewage sludge carbonization machine to Ghana in 2021,4

Model: BST-J12;

Capacity: 8-9m3/d;

In April, 2021, Beston Group has delivered the third set of carbonization machine to Ghana, which is used for sewage sludge disposal. The sewage sludge treatment plant will dry the sewage sludge and carbonize the material into charcoal. It is a new method for dealing with the municipal sludge. You can refer to the case in this post.

BST-J12 batch sewage sludge carbonization machine to Ghana
batch sewage sludge carbonization machine to Ghana

Components of Charcoal Production Machine in Ghana

Here, we will list the main components of Beston charcoal production machine installed in Ghana. All the parts has adopted the advanced technology, the strongest materials and highest quality. They worked with each other, to make sure the machine running smoothly without any error.

Large Inclination Belt Conveyor
Large Inclination Belt Conveyor
Main Carbonization Furnace
Main Carbonization Furnace
De-dusting System
De-dusting System

Slag Discharging System
Slag Discharging System
Wood Vinegar Collection Tank
Wood Vinegar Collection Tank
Visual Operation
Visual Operation
Inner of Electric Control System
Inner of Electric Control System

Customer’s Review and Feedback

All the charcoal making machines installed in Ghana has been rated 5 stars. The customers in Ghana have highly approved of Beston brand, including products, service, price, etc. One the the customers in Ghana has written a letter for us: “Thanks for all that Beston has done for me. I love the plant, and more importantly, I love your service. Beston has supported me from the beginning to the end. Thanks again!”.

charcoal making machines installed in Ghana
Beston BST Series Charcoal Making Machine Built in Ghana

How to Start a Charcoal Manufacturing Machine in Ghana?

If you want to start your own biomass recycling business in Ghana, here we will give you some tips for your reference. You can also contact us for detailed business plan. We are glad to help.

Determine your raw materials.

Before you buy the machine, you need to confirm which raw material you want to process and where you can get the rich raw materials. Beston charcoal making machine can be used for dealing with sewage sludge, palm shell, wood, sawdust, coconut shell, bamboo, rice husk/hull, straw, etc. You can choose one or two kinds.

Sales of your end products.

Generally, you will get charcoal, wood tar, vinegar and combustible gas by using the biochar production equipment. All the final products are precious sources, which can be sold directly or applied in many areas. But you has better investigate the market situation of the final products in Ghana.

Select a reliable manufacturer.

You need to choose a reliable manufacturer, who will help you obtain various licenses that the government requires, provide reasonable charcoal making machine price, perfect service during the cooperation especially the after-sales service, timely production and shipment, etc.

Prepare a piece of land.

Before you place the order, you need to consider where you want to install the plant, how is the surrounding situation, how about the price of the land, how much land do you need to prepare, etc. Contact us, and Beston will give you substantial results according to your budget and requirement.

Why Build a Charcoal Machine in Ghana?

Can make money.

Starting a charcoal making machine in Ghana can surely earn money. You can contact us for the latest profit analysis. The profit is substantial.

Can improve the environment.

The charcoal making equipment is a project that can turn waste into treasure. It can deal with the waste materials, to protect the environment.

Can create career opportunities.

The machine needs several workers during the production process. So it can create employment positions for the local people.

Sawdust Charcoal
Sawdust Charcoal
Wood Vinegar
Wood Vinegar

Prospect of Starting a Charcoal Production Machine in Ghana

As the government of Ghana attaches great importance to environmental issues, the management and disposal of waste has become extremely important. The charcoal making machine project fully responds to national policies, which will make great contributions to the sustainable development in Ghana. Therefore, starting a charcoal manufacturing unit in Ghana is a good project with merits in the present and future generations.

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