BTF4-8 Egg Tray Making Machine With Metal Drying System Shipped to Senegal

Good news! Beston Group has finished the production and shipment of BTF4-8 egg tray making machine to Senegal in September 2021. We have strictly followed the contract and finished the delivery on schedule. The machine is also a hot model of Beston egg tray making machines for sale. The following is the detailed information about the machine to Senegal.

  • Date: 2021.9.3;
  • Model: BTF4-8;
  • Capacity: 3500-4500 pieces/h;
  • Drying method: metal egg tray drying;
  • Forming mold quantity: 32;
  • Shipped to: Senegal.
BTF4-8 egg tray making machine to Senegal
Egg tray making machine to Senegal

Shipping List of Beston Egg Tray Making Machine to Senegal

[videopress 7l6c6dqV]
  • Host;
  • Metal dryer;
  • Air compressor accessories;
  • Pulp refiner;
  • Draft fan;
  • Tailstock;
  • Beater;
  • Paper feeding machine;
  • 165 tubes;
  • Chains;
  • Trays;
  • Wooden boxes;
  • Heavy oil burner;
  • 4 inch slurry pump with motor…

We have arranged dedicated after-sales staff to check the goods carefully, to ensure there is no errors. All the goods were carefully packed and loaded on the truck.

Beston Egg Tray Machine to Senegal
Beston Egg Tray Maker Machine to Senegal
Egg Tray Production Machine to Senegal
Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine to Senegal

Testing of BTF4-8 Egg Tray Machine to Senegal

Before we shipped the pulp egg tray making machine to Senegal, we have tested the machine. This is the idling video below.

[videopress Zu7zRiLl]

The paper egg tray making machine from Beston Machinery will be shipped to the port and then shipped to Senegal by sea. It is not the first time for Beston to export and install paper pulp moulding machines to Senegal. So we have enough experience in the Senegal market, and we will try our best to serve and support our clients. If you have interest in starting a business like this, please let us know.

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