Service Process

  • Consultation & Communication

    Your enquiry will reach our account manager directly to provide you with considerate service.

  • Customized Design

    Our product manager will reasonably configure the production plan or make a private order according to your needs and budget.

  • Determine the Plan

    Comprehensive consideration, you think our configuration plan is quite satisfactory, and then confirm the plan.

  • Confirm Cooperation

    Confirm the contract, make payment, and we will arrange the production and delivery.

  • Tracking & Feedback

    Our after-sales customer service team has regularly return visiting by calls or e-mails. We will solve your problems in time.

  • Installation & Training

    We will send a professional technical team to the site for installation, commissioning, and a series of professional training until the plant puts into stable production

  • Customer Acceptance Check

    When the product is shipped to the customer’s site,
    the quality and quantity of the product as well as accessories will be checked and accepted, and the receipt will be confirmed after confirmation.

  • Delivery & Transportation

    fter the equipment is completed, we will arrange special vehicle transportation and delivery to the location required by the customer within the agreed time.


Pre-sale Service

  • Supply professional consultancy and help the customer to select their ideal type of machines.

  • Have the professional technical personnel to help with the site planning and make sure the specific parameters and specification of the machine in accordance with the actual demand of the customers.

  • Provide a customizing service.

On-Purchase Service

  • Strict production line of every part of the machine.
  • he department of sales, techniques, production and quality control are racking the whole process of production.
  • Report the manufacturing process to the customer regularly.
  • Make sure the equipment is delivered without any problems.
  • Strong ability to handle and solve the sudden issues during production and commis

After-sale Service

We emphasize the after-sale service because of the huge importance of it for the customers. Beston has eight overseas branch offices and more than 60 after-sales personnel across the world. Besides, we have set up a professional After-sales Service Center, where the service files of all Beston customers are well-recorded as a reference for our detailed service contents.

The main responsibilities of the After-sales Service Center include.

  • Installation, Commissioning and Acceptance Instruction

    · Send specialized after-sales engineers to help the customers with the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

    · After the installation and commissioning are done, give a return visit for every equipment we have installed.

  • Providing the Technical Materials, Term of Service and Technical Service

    · Certification of Approval, Operation Instruction, Technical Specification of Maintenance of every machine.

    · Random spare parts and tools and technical consultancy service.

    · Lifetime service support for the machine.

  • Provide maintenance accessories and parts in-time.

  • Provide 24 hours and 7 days online service for the customers.

Quality Service


  • 60s

    Inquiry arrives at the manager within 60 seconds

  • 30m

    Technical Q&A within 30 minutes

  • 24h

    Provide design plan within 24 hours

  • 72h

    Engineer dispatch within 72 hours

  • 365d

    Accept service demand 365 days