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Choosing reliable waste tyre pyrolysis plant suppliers are important when investors set up pyrolysis projects. Waste tyre recycling business is not an easy thing. Investors should pay attention to many aspects including the environment, benefits and energy consumption, etc. Reliable manufacturers will pay attention to these problems. And they will provide full services. Beston Group is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis plants. Let’s learn about this manufacturer.

Introduction of A Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer – Beston Group

Beston Group was established in 2013. We are not only a supplier of waste-to-energy equipment, but also a manufacturer. We have rich experience in research, production, shipment, and installation of pyrolysis equipment. The following is a brief introduction.


Beston Group has its own factory. The factory totally covers an area of 20,000 square meters. The factory is divided into storage workshops, production workshops, parts delivery workshops and so on. There are professional staff in the factory responsible for production, inspection, delivery, and so on.

Field of Focus

Beston Group plays an important role in the field of waste recycling and reuse. Our solutions and equipment are used to recycle tires, plastics, sludge. These machines convert waste into energy. These machines allow customers to profit economically and environmentally from these wastes.

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The Equipment Provided by Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturer – Beston Group

Beston Group, as a waste tire pyrolysis plant manufacturer, provides four types of machines. These machines include the skid-mounted machine (BLJ-3), batch machine (BLJ-6, BLJ-10, BLJ-16), semi-continuous machine (BLL-16) and fully continuous pyrolysis machine (BLL-30). Beston Group not only provides these standard models but also provides optional equipment, such as the feeding machine, discharger, de-dusting equipment, plastic catalytic tower, etc. What’s more, Beston Group provides customized service. We can match the solution and equipment according to the needs of customers.

Besides, Beston Group also provides a series of extended production lines, such as tire shredders, plastic crushing machines, oil distillation equipment, etc. If you are interested in our equipment, contact us for details.

Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Machine for Sale
Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Machine
Batch Pyrolysis Plant
Batch Pyrolysis Plant
Semi-continuous Pyrolysis Machine
Semi-continuous Pyrolysis Machine
Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
Fully Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrolysis Solutions Provided by Beston Group

Beston Group is the waste tyre pyrolysis plant supplier. Actually, we not only provide equipment but also offers waste recycling solutions. Customers send the demand and the data of the local market to Beston Group, Beston Group provides the following solutions.

Waste Recycling Solutions

Beston pyrolysis plants can treat plastics, tires, and oil sludge in a non-hazardous way. The customers can send detailed information to Beston Group. The information includes the type of raw material, its composition, size, moisture content, processing volume, expected results, local environmental standards, etc. Once Beston Group understands this information, we can provide customers with a more appropriate solution.

Waste to Oil Solutions

When the customer’s need is to obtain pyrolysis oil, Beston Group can provide a suitable solution based on the customer’s pyrolysis oil requirements. The customer needs to provide the requirement for the quality of the fuel oil, as well as the local emission standard. When customers want a higher quality fuel oil, Beston Group will equip these customers with other additional equipment to improve pyrolysis oil quality.

Alternative Fuel Solutions

If customers use the final fuel oil as an alternative energy source, Beston Group can provide customers with a suitable solution. Different heating devices and plants have different requirements for fuel oil. Beston Group can match the production line to the customer’s needs. Leave the demand for the final pyrolysis oil and environmental licenses needed. Beston Group will assist customers to do these things well.

Waste Plastic
Recycling Waste
Waste to Oil - Beston Pyrolysis
Waste to Oil
industrial production
Alternative Fuel for industrial production

Projects Exported by Pyrolysis Equipment Manufacturer – Beston Group

Beston Group has export experience in 80+ countries. At the same time, we also have rich experience in drawing design and installation. Beston Group will suggest suitable plastic and tyre pyrolysis lines according to customer’s needs. Most of the time, customers are adopting. And, customers are very satisfied with our solutions. Please see the following case by pyrolysis machine manufacturer – Beston Group.

A Review of A Customer on Beston Group

Here is a comprehensive evaluation of Beston Group by a customer from Kazakhstan. In 2022, Beston Group, as one of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant suppliers, assisted this customer in the installation and commissioning. After the completion, the customer gave feedback on Beston Group’s service. Please see the related reviews.

Review of A Customer from Kazakhstan on Beston Group
Review of A Customer from Kazakhstan on Beston Group

Why Beston Group is Your Ideal Pyrolysis Plant Supplier?

Export No. 1 in the Industry

Beston Group has exported 90+ pyrolysis plants to the world. This exporting data ranks first in the same industry in China. In addition, Beston Group also ranks first in China’s solid waste treatment industry. We provide solutions, equipment, installation, training, turnkey project, and other services.

Patented Technology

Beston Group has 20+ senior engineers engaged in R&D and production. We have developed a series of industry-leading technologies and patents, such as plastic catalysis patents, BLL-30 full-continuous equipment, technology to solve sludge coking, and so on. This series of technologies represents the company’s strong technical strength.


Beston Group is the original pyrolysis equipment manufacturer. Beston Group has its own factories and sales channels. We offer factory pyrolysis plant prices. And we provide a series of technical supports to customers. If customers are interested in our factory and equipment, customers can make an appointment in advance to visit our factory.

Beston Group is Your Ideal Pyrolysis Plant Suppliers

Comprehensive Services Provided by Beston Group

Equipment and technical consultation

Beston Group has a strong technical service team. This team provides equipment and technical consulting services to customers free of charge before and after-sales.

Sample monitoring

After customers sends the sample to Beston Group, we will conduct the experiment and issue a professional test report. Customers can make project decisions based on the results of this experiment.

Solution Design

Beston Group’s professional technical team provides customers with a series of solution designs, including PID drawings, factory drawings, circuit diagrams, foundation drawings, installation drawings, etc. These services help customers better understand the project.

On-site installation and commissioning

Beston Group provides on-site installation and online guided installation services. Customers can choose the appropriate installation service according to their needs. During on-site installation, we can also provide commissioning and training services.

Product software upgrade service

Control system software upgrade service is available. And, this service is free and lifetime for customers. Consult pyrolysis equipment manufacturer – Beston Group for more information.

Comprehensive Services Provided by Beston Group - Waste Pyrolysis

Contact Beston Group to Get the Waste Pyrolysis Solutions

As a result, before you investigate those waste tyre pyrolysis plant suppliers, bear in mind that a really excellent one must have a comprehensive ability. Beston Group is a good pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China and we will continue doing our best. If you are interested in us or our tyre pyrolysis machines for sale, you can follow us on Facebook or leave a message to us now.

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