Recycle waste tyres into alternative fuel oil for cement plants/boiler plants/brick plants/ceramic plants/power plants/ships, etc.

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Tyre to Fuel Recycling Plant

Beston tyre to fuel recycling plant turns waste tyre to fuel oil through the process of pyrolysis. Being different from burning tyres for fuel, it recycles the waste tyres to fuel oil, carbon black, steel wires, and combustible gas in high-temperature and oxygen-absent environments. Therefore, you can also call it tyre to fuel oil plant.

Beston Tyre To Fuel Recycling Plant for Sale

What is Tyre to Fuel Recycling Plant?

Tire to fuel recycling plant refers to equipment that uses pyrolysis technology to recycle waste tires into tyre pyrolysis oil. Pyrolysis oil can be as the heating fuel used in various factories. Under the control of high temperature and lack of oxygen, the components of waste tires will undergo chemical reactions. When the temperature reaches 280 degrees Celsius, the pyrolysis process enters a stable reaction process. Usually, the temperature reaches between 280-320 degrees. According to the temperature and reaction time, the oil production rate and gas production rate can be adjusted. If the temperature is low and the reaction time is long, the oil yield will be high. If the temperature is high and the reaction time is short, the gas production rate will be high.

Waste tires are non-biodegradable garbage. By recycling tires through pyrolysis, we can reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. If you are engaged in the tire recycling industry, this equipment will be able to fully recycle waste tires.

What is Tyre to Fuel Recycling Plant

Specification and Parameters of Beston Tyre to Fuel Recycling Plant for Sale

Capacity1-3t/d4-6t/d8-10t/d12-16t/d8t/d (only for rubber powder)30-35t/d
Working ProcessBatchBatchBatchBatchSemi-continuousFully continuous
Reactor Sizeφ1400*4900mmφ2200*6000mmφ2600*6600mmφ2800*7100mmφ2800*7100mmφ1800*18500mm
Reactor MaterialQ345RQ345RQ345RQ345RQ345R310S stainless steel
Drive System350 reducer+4kw drive motor400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor500 reducer+7.5kw drive motor500 reducer+7.5kw drive motorZQH650-50 reducer+15kw frequency conversion motor
Land (L*W*H)18m*4.2m*6m30m*12m*8m30m*13m*8m33m*13m*8m33m*13m*8m70m*20m*10m
Burner2*200,000 kcal2*300,000 kcal2*300,000 kcal2*400,000 kcal2*400,000 kcal2.5 million kcal per set
Total Weight of Shipped MaterialsAbout 18tAbout 24.5tAbout 28tAbout 34.5tAbout 34.5tAbout 150t
Number of Containers1*40HQ1*40FR+1*40HQ+1*20 GP1*40FR+2*40HQ1*40FR+2*40HQ1*40FR+2*40HQ25m*8m bulk cargo+8*40HQ
Noise (dB)≤60≤60≤60≤60≤60≤60
Heating MaterialsFuel oil (including tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil), natural gas, LPG, diesel, etc.
Condensing SystemVertical Condenserφ426*3000
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
2 sets of vertical condenser
3-in-1 Condenser3000*2200*2250
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area

Beston Waste Tire to Fuel Machine

Tyre to Oil Recycling Pyrolysis Process

Take the continuous-type waste tyre to fuel oil plant, for instance, there are five steps in total,

Step 1. Pre-treatment – wire drawing and shredding (optional): the tyre shredder for sale will shred the big tires (diameter>12mm) into small pieces after the wire drawing machine draws the steel wires from the tyres.

Step 2. Heating: heat the pyrolysis reactor. You can choose your own fuel, such as LPG, natural gas, etc.

Step 3. Oil gas generating, collecting, and liquefaction: when the temperature reaches 160℃, oil gas will be generated. Then the oil gas will flow to the manifold. Heavy particles of the oil gas will be liquefied into heavy oil and stored in the heavy oil tank; light oil gas will rise up to the condenser and then liquefied into light oil. It will be stored in the light oil tank.

Step 4. Combustible gas recycling: combustible gas will be cleansed and desulfurized in the hydro seal and then continue to supply heat for the reactor.

Step 5. Discharging: before discharging, the residual gas will go through the de-dusting system and then the filtering system in the spray tower which includes the parts of water spray, washing, ceramic ring adsorption, and activated carbon adsorption. Finally, it will meet the EU Environmental Protection Emission Standard. During the whole process of working, the carbon black is automatically discharged through the discharger.

Tyre to Oil Recycling Pyrolysis Process

Waste Tyre to Fuel Recycling Products

The fuel extracted from tyres is usually referred to the pyrolysis oil, also called tyre oil. It is the main by-product of the waste tire to fuel machine. It mainly has the following uses:

  • 1. The pyrolysis oil can be used as a kind of fuel oil directly.
  • 2. If you choose to refine it into qualified diesel oil by a crude oil distillation machine, it will be much more eco-friendly and valuable.
  • 3. Besides, there will also be combustible gas during the working process of pyrolysis. This kind of gas can be used as fuel to heat the reactor directly to reduce the fuel cost of the customer.

Except for the fuel, there will also be steel wires and carbon black. Both of them can be sold on the market. Steel wires can be used to reproduce steel bars in steel factories. Carbon black can be used as the raw materials to produce fortifiers, fillers, and colorants in the rubber and plastic industries. Customers can use a carbon black grinder to get much finer carbon black and sell them at a higher price.

Waste Tyre to Fuel Recycling Products

Why Choose Beston Waste Tyre to Fuel Oil Plant?

Industry Leading Technology

The equipment provided by Beston Group operates stably. We offer the BLL-30 model for continuous processing of large quantities of tires. And our technical engineers can provide different processing techniques according to the different needs of customers.

Comprehensive Supporting Solutions

Based on customer needs, Beston Group can provide customers with tire distillation production lines. This set of equipment can be combined with distillation and purification technology and decolorization and deodorization technology. Customers no longer need to look for other compatible products.

High Degree of Automation

Our equipment can be used with PLC, DCS remote control systems and IoT systems. These systems have high control efficiency. At the same time, customers can monitor and operate remotely. These systems can help reduce labor.

Environmentally Friendly and Low Carbon

The combustible gas can be used to heat the main pyrolysis furnace chamber after recovery. In addition, the combustion exhaust gas meets the emission standards after being processed by the system. Also, Beston Group offers customized de-dusting systems.

Advantages of Beston Tyre to Fuel Recycling Machine

Tire to Fuel Plant Projects Installed in the Global World

Beston tire to fuel plant projects have been implemented worldwide. These projects aim to address the environmental issues associated with tire disposal while also generating value from waste materials. These projects vary in scale and configuration. The configuration depends on the specific requirements and resources available in each region. Please see some cases.

Beston Group is An Ideal Option for Your Tyre to Fuel Recycling Business

Doubtlessly, our professional waste tyre to fuel recycling plant excels in the international market of recycling plants depending on innovative techniques, safety, and high efficiency. We know that there are also many other excellent pyrolysis equipment suppliers in the world, but we believe it will be a better choice if you choose us because we have a strong and professional after-sales service team and we can provide the following services,

  • Beston Group can send our professional engineering team to the customers’ place and help with the assembling and commissioning.
  • There are also training courses for the local workers to teach them how to operate the machine properly.
  • Returning visit after the machine is installed to see if the machine working smoothly.
  • Beston Group pay business visits every year and will visit loyal customers.

Comprehensive Services Provided by Beston Group - Waste Pyrolysis

Beston Group Offers Sustainable Solutions for Tyre to Fuel Recycling

Waste to fuel is an industry with huge meanings to the planet and our offspring. Beston aims to provide more affordable recycling plants like the tyre to fuel recycling plant to everyone and every organization who needs them. Wanna know more about our waste to fuel plants and project, go back to the homepage now. Or you view some pictures on Beston Pinterest.

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