Small Charcoal Making Machine

Small charcoal making machine can handle various types of raw materials. The final biochar has a wide range of uses. This type of equipment handles one load of raw material at a time. This machine has a small footprint and is simple to operate. Beston Group provides customers with comprehensive services, including various drawing designs, technical support, one-stop customized services, etc.

Small Charcoal Making Machine

Introduction of Small Charcoal Making Machine

Small charcoal making equipment processes different kinds of waste biomass into charcoal by pyrolysis technology. This machine processes one furnace. Under an oxygen-free high-temperature controlled condition, biomass can be fully reacted into biomass charcoal. After the finish of production, This machine needs time to cool down. At the same time, this equipment can also be used to treat sewage sludge harmlessly.

Beston Group offers other two kinds of machines, including skid-mounted charcoal machine and continuous type. These two types can work continuously for 3-5 days. Skid-mounted type occupies a small area and is easy to install. Continuous equipment has a large processing capacity and a high degree of automation. Customers can choose the appropriate model according to their needs.

Beston Small Charcoal Making Machine

Parameters of Small Charcoal Making Machine

Beston Group offers three models for this type. They processes 12-40m³ of biomass waste per furnace. See their detailed parameters.

Input Capacity12m³/batch18m³/batch40m³/batch
Reactor Sizeφ1900mm*L4500mmφ1900mm*L6600mmφ2800mm*L7100mm
Land for Equipment (L*W*H, Standard Configuration)9m*6m*6m12m*6m*7m15m*18m*7m
Weight (Standard Configuration)18T22T34T
Energy Consumption (Standard Configuration)11kw/h13.5kw/h25kw/h
Working MethodBatch
Feeding Requirement/
StructureHorizontal rotation
Control MethodControl by buttons
Reactor MaterialQ245R
PressureMicro negative pressure
Heating MaterialDiesel, natural gas, heavy oil, biomas, etc.
Heating MethodDirect heating
Noise (dB)≤80
CondenserCirculating water cooling
Rotation MethodExternal gear rotation

Raw Materials Suitable for Small Charcoal Making Equipment

This type of equipment can handle a wide variety of raw materials. And, when the carbonization process is completed, the biomass charcoal can maintain its original shape. Please take a look at some common raw materials:

  • Agricultural and forestry waste: wood processing waste, forestry waste, rice husk, straw, bamboo, etc.
  • Nut shells: coconut shells, palm shells, pecan shells, pistachio shells, peanut shells, etc.
  • Sludge: municipal sludge, river sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, etc.

Raw Materials Suitable for Small Charcoal Making Equipment

Application Field of Small Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

The quality of biomass charcoal produced by this equipment is controllable. Finished charcoal has ample applications in many fields. Please see details:

  • Agricultural and forestry waste recycling: This equipment can process agricultural and forestry waste. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases carbon storage.
  • Plantation and deep processing industry: In palm, coconut and other fruit plantations, there is a large amount of biomass husk waste. This biomass can be made into biochar.
  • Metal smelting: Biochar can replace carbon in metallurgical processes. This can reduce the consumption of non-renewable resource coal.
  • Alternative energy: It can be burned as fuel in factories, catering, barbecue, shisha, etc. It can replace coal and fossil energy.
  • Carbon sink: When the entire production process is controlled, biomass charcoal can be used for carbon offsets, carbon credits, etc. Customers need to have a full understanding of the industry when doing carbon sequestration.

Application Field of Small Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

Further Processing Charcoal into Uniform Charcoal Briquette in Shape

After this equipment has produced biomass charcoal, some customers have higher requirements for the shape and size of the finished charcoal. Beston charcoal briquette making machine can meet the needs of customers. Whether processing biomass charcoal into charcoal powder, charcoal rods, charcoal briquettes or other shapes, Beston charcoal briquette charcoal making line can do it all. Please send your detailed requirements to Beston Group.

Further Processing Charcoal into Uniform Charcoal Briquette in Shape

How to Use Small Charcoal Machine to Make Charcoal?

The raw materials are manually transported to the main furnace. After the transportation is completed, ensure that the sealing of the main furnace is intact.

Preheat the main oven. When the temperature in the furnace reaches between 280-450 degrees, the biomass begins to react. After 3-8 hours, the biomass reaction of the entire furnace is completed.

Cool the main furnace for 5-8 hours. When the cooling process is completed, open the furnace door and take out the biochar.

The emission gas reaches the standard after being treated by the de-dusting system.

How to Use Small Charcoal Machine to Make Charcoal

The Pros of Using Beston Small Charcoal Making Machines

Controllable processing capacity: This type of equipment can process one furnace per day or three furnaces every two days. Customers can adjust the processing volume according to their needs.

Small footprint: Compared with continuous equipment, this type of equipment occupies a small area. The customer’s planning of the factory is simpler.

Wide selection of parts: This biochar plant can choose other processing lines, such as hydraulic feeding, water-cooling discharger, customized de-dusting system, etc.

Long service life: When the service life is over, customers can overhaul the main furnace and replace the combustible gas system and pipes.

High safety: The equipment is negative pressure and equipped with explosion-proof holes, explosion-proof water seals, thermometers, etc.

Global Cases of Beston Batch Charcoal Making Machine

So far, Beston small charcoal making plant has been sold to Ghana, Spain, Belarus and other countries. In addition to this type, Beston Group also offers Skid-mounted tye and continuous type. These machines have been shipped to 30+ countries, including Malaysia, Argentina, Sweden, Croatia, Australia, Thailand, Turkey, etc. Beston Group has extensive experience as a manufacturer. We can provide customers with a full range of services. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us.

Beston Group Offers Comprehensive Services

Beston Group provides customers with a full range of services to ensure the smooth progress of their projects. At the same time, these services can also reduce customers’ time costs and management costs.

Beston Group has a professional team to provide customers with technical information, such as layout diagrams, PID diagrams, installation diagrams, etc.

Beston shipping department will provide customers with the best transportation solution. This helps customers save shipping costs and time. See some delivery cases on Youtube.

Beston engineers have rich installation experience. And they are bilingual. This way the installation efficiency is guaranteed.

Beston’s after-sales department will provide customers with timely feedback on equipment production status. This allows the client to have an expectation of the progress of the project.

Comprehensive Services Provided by Beston Group - Waste Pyrolysis

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