Running Site of BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine in Colombia

Recently in January 2023, we have received the latest feedback from customer in Colombia. The pictures and videos show the running site of Beston BST-10 charcoal making machine in Colombia. The customer is satisfied with Beston products and service. Read on.

Running Site of BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine in Colombia
Running Site of BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine in Colombia

Running Site of BST-10 Charcoal Making Machine in Colombia

  • Location: Colombia;
  • Model and capacity: BST-10, 2-4m³/h (1000kg/h);
  • Brand: Beston (charcoal making machine manufacturer in China);
  • Raw materials to process: pecan husk;
  • Required final product: charcoal;
  • Usage of final product: for sale or used as fuel for heating;
  • Current status: in production, going well.
Charcoal from Pecan Husk
Charcoal from Pecan Husk

Video of BST-10 Charcoal Machine Running in Colombia

The following videos are the running site of Beston biochar making machine in Colombia, including the operation of the machine, feeding of raw materials, generation of charcoal, etc. You can watch the videos to learn about charcoal making machine in Colombia.

Why Did Customer in Colombia Decide to Invest in Charcoal Manufacturing Business?

Maybe 3 reasons.

  1. Wide applications. The charcoal making machine can be used for dealing with many raw materials, all of which are rich and cheap. Otherwise, the charcoal generated from the machine can be widely used in many areas, such as used as alternative fuel for plants, used for soil remediation and improvement, used for industrial hookah charcoal or barbecue charcoal production, etc.
  2. Profitable. Investing in such a project can return you cost back and begins to make money rapidly. We can provide the customers with detailed charcoal manufacturing business plan and project feasibility report. And we have countless cases to prove that the machine is profitable.
  3. Environmental-friendly. Besides economic profit, the machine also has social profit. The project turns waste into treasure, which can not only solve the pollution problem, but also can create employment opportunities. So the customers can also win the respect from the society.

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