Turning waste rubber into alternative fuel oil for cement plants/boiler plants/brick plants/ceramic plants/power plants/ships, etc.

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Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

In today’s world, rubber pyrolysis plant has become a sustainable solution for disposing of rubber waste. The accumulation of rubber waste presents a significant environmental challenge. By efficiently converting rubber waste into valuable resources, waste rubber pyrolysis plant solves this difficult issue well. Please read on to know more about rubber pyrolysis.

Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

What Raw Materials Can Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Process?

Waste tires

Waste Tyres

Such as truck tires, motorcycle tires, etc. (oversized tyres require pretreatment)

You can obtain them from automotive repair shops, tire recycling centers, and waste disposal facilities.

Discarded rubber products

Rubber Products

Such as rubber tubes, rubber soles, rubber gloves, etc.

You can obtain them from waste recycling bins, construction sites, and manufacturing plants.

waste in the rubber production process

Waste in Rubber Production

Such as rubber scraps, rubber clippings, rubber slices, etc.

You can obtain them from rubber products manufacturer or supplier

Application of End Product of Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

The end products of pyrolysis plant for sale includes pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire (from tire pyrolysis) and combustible gas. Each end product has wide applications.

Pyrolysis Oil
Pyrolysis Oil
Carbon Black
Carbon Black
Steel Wire
Steel Wire
Combustible Gas
Combustible Gas
End ProductsApplication
Pyrolysis OilUsed as boiler fuel, generator fuel, industrial combustion equipment fuel, etc;
Further processed into non-standard diesel;
Carbon BlackUsed as a reinforcing agent for rubber products;
Used as a color conditioner in the paint industry;
Steel WireReuse or recycling;
Combustible GasReused in the process of pyrolysis;

Parameters of Rubber Pyrolysis Machine for Sale

According to the working process, rubber pyrolysis plant can be divided into several types: skid-mounted, batch, semi-automatic, and fully automatic pyrolysis plant. The following are the specific parameters about these models. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable machine, please contact us. Professional technicians provide the best solution according to your needs.

Batch Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Batch Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Skid-mounted Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Skid-mounted Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Semi-continuous Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Semi-continuous Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Fully Continuous Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Fully Continuous Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Capacity1-3t/d4-6t/d8-10t/d12-16t/d8t/d (only for rubber powder)30-35t/d
Working ProcessBatchBatchBatchBatchSemi-continuousFully continuous
Reactor Sizeφ1400*4900mmφ2200*6000mmφ2600*6600mmφ2800*7100mmφ2800*7100mmφ1800*18500mm
Reactor MaterialQ345RQ345RQ345RQ345RQ345R310S stainless steel
Drive System350 reducer+4kw drive motor400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor500 reducer+7.5kw drive motor500 reducer+7.5kw drive motorZQH650-50 reducer+15kw frequency conversion motor
Land (L*W*H)18m*4.2m*6m30m*12m*8m30m*13m*8m33m*13m*8m33m*13m*8m70m*20m*10m
Burner2*200,000 kcal2*300,000 kcal2*300,000 kcal2*400,000 kcal2*400,000 kcal2.5 million kcal per set
Total Weight of Shipped MaterialsAbout 18tAbout 24.5tAbout 28tAbout 34.5tAbout 34.5tAbout 150t
Number of Containers1*40HQ1*40FR+1*40HQ+1*20 GP1*40FR+2*40HQ1*40FR+2*40HQ1*40FR+2*40HQ25m*8m bulk cargo+8*40HQ
Noise (dB)≤60≤60≤60≤60≤60≤60
Heating MaterialsFuel oil (including tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil), natural gas, LPG, diesel, etc.
Condensing SystemVertical Condenserφ426*3000
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
2 sets of vertical condenser
3-in-1 Condenser3000*2200*2250
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area

Global Cases of Beston Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Beston Group is an experienced manufacturer of rubber pyrolysis equipment. We cooperate with customers from all over the world to set up pyrolysis projects. Here are some successful cases.

Is It Profitable to Invest in Rubber Pyrolysis Machine?

Our successful pyrolysis projects around the world can tell you the answer: Yes! This machine converts cheap rubber into pyrolysis oiland other bu-product at a nice price. If you still have doubts about whether the machine can make a profit, please see the profit analysis table below.

Return on Investment of BLJ-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Project in Europe
IntroductionAccording to the market data of Europe, the estimated ROI report, the various expenses are as follows:
Fixed Investment CostItemDetailsUnitUnit Price/USDQuantityAmount/USDRemark
From Port to SiteSet580015800
Customs Tax0.15Set13350113350
InstallationBeston technician's salaryDay3505017500
Round-trip ariticketsEa382021640
Local welderDay120100120002 welders are needed
Local plumberDay120202400
Local laborDay108505400
Crane forkliftDay160304800
MaterialsInstallation materials readySet520015200Foundation, pipe, etc.
Licenses/Ea200012000Environmental, firefighting, etc.
Total Amount$452440.00
Operating CostRaw MaterialsWaste tyreTon0120
FuelNatural gasLiter0.77240184.8
Depreciation8 yearsDay175.181175.18
Total Amount$906.95
End Products PriceTyre oil45%Ton5.44332338.245% of input
Steel Wire15%Ton1.8216388.815% of input
Carbon black3%Ton3.6162583.230% of input
Total Amount$4510.2
Daily Income$3603.25
Monthly IncomeWorking dayDay25$90081.17
Yearly IncomeWorking dayDay300$1080974

How to Choose a Suitble Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant?

There are many rubber pyrolysis machines on the market for you to choose from. If you want to invest in the most suitable tyre pyrolysis plant, be sure to consider the following factors.

Suitable Processing Capacity

Determine the amount of rubber waste you intend to process daily or monthly. Choose a plant with a suitable capacity to handle your expected waste volume effectively. Consider both the input (rubber waste) and output (pyrolysis oil, carbon black, and steel wire) capacities.

Technology and Efficiency

Look for a plant that utilizes advanced pyrolysis technology, ensuring high efficiency and maximum conversion of rubber waste into valuable products. Efficient plants will help you optimize your output and minimize waste.

Environmental Impact

Look for a plant that incorporates advanced pollution control systems to minimize emissions and ensure compliance with local environmental regulations. Features such as smoke and dust removal systems, gas purification systems, and odor control mechanisms are crucial.

Cost and Return on Investment

Evaluate the initial cost of the plant and compare it with the potential returns from the sale of pyrolysis oil, carbon black, and steel wire. Calculate the payback period to assess the financial viability of the investment. Consider factors such as operational costs, maintenance expenses, and potential market demand for the end products.


Waste Rubber Pyrolysis plant for Sale

Main Systems of Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

The rubber pyrolysis machine mainly includes four systems: pyrolysis system, condensation system, dust removal system and slag discharge system. The following is the introduction to the function of these systems.

Pyrolysis System

The pyrolysis reactor rotates under the action of the driving device to realize the movement of materials. Waste rubber raw materials absorb heat continuously in the reaction furnace. After the raw material reaches the pyrolysis temperature, it begins to crack to produce oil and gas.

Condensing System

High temperature oil and gas will undergo liquefaction reaction when they are cooled. The liquefiable part becomes pyrolysis oil and is stored in the oil tank. The non-liquefiable combustible gas is purified and stabilized by the water seal. Subsequently, combustible gas is delivered to the furnace to provide fuel for heating the reactor.

De-dusting System

First, the high-temperature flue gas inside the combustion chamber is cooled by the flue condenser. Then the cooled flue gas is introduced into the dedusting tower through the induced draft fan. The flue gas is dedusted and deodorized in the dedusting tower. Finally, the flue gas is discharged through the chimney.

Discharging system

The first auto screw-discharger cooperates with the deflector to transport the carbon black in the reactor. The first spiral slag extractor cooperates with the lifting plate in the furnace to transport the carbon black in the furnace. Then, the carbon black in the furnace is transported to the slag box or designated location through the water-cooled slag discharger.

Waste Pyrolysis Process

Advantages of Beston’s Rubber Pyrolysis Machine

Eco-Friendly Design

The machine is equipped with automatic screw water-cooling discharge system. This design not only has a high degree of automation, but also is airtight and safe. Therefore, the cleanliness of the operating site can be guaranteed during the production process.

Safety Insurance Design

Beston’s pyrolysis reactor for sale adopts a convenient installation method. We have designed multiple safety devices inside the machine. They detect real-time operating parameters of the machine at various locations. When the temperature or pressure of a certain part is abnormal, the alarm device will remind the staff for maintenance.

Easy Installation Design

The machine integrates oil tank, condensation and water seal into one. Such a design makes the machine easy to install, occupies a small area and saves space. This not only saves the budget of the site, but also reduces labor costs.

Meet Different Needs

The machine can meet the daily processing capacity needs of customers from 0.5 tons to 30 tons. Not only that, the equipment can meet the needs of customers at different stages from testing project feasibility to large-scale commercial solutions.

Integrated Solution

Beston Group provides pretreatment equipment, pyrolysis equipment, oil distillation and back-end processing. This full-process production line solution maximizes the satisfaction of customers’ needs.

Customized Service

Beston customizes the size and shape of the reactor door according to customer needs, which meets the feeding requirements of different raw materials. Customized machines provide more diverse and convenient feeding methods.

Rubber Pyrolysis plant for Sale

Welcome to Consult Beston for Solutions

Rubber pyrolysis plant provides an effective and profitable solution for rubber waste management. This plant converts waste into valuable resources while minimizing environmental impact. Investing in a well-designed rubber pyrolysis machine can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future. At the same time, investing in pyrolysis projects can also bring considerable incomes to investors. If you also want to start rubber recycling business, please contact us on Facebook for the best solution!

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