BTF4-4 2500-3000pcs/h egg tray making machine for sale.

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2500-3000 PCS/H Egg Tray Machine

Beston BTF 4-4 egg tray machine has an output of 2500-3000pcs/h. In order to reduce paper waste, using waste paper resources to produce egg trays has become a new investment trend. The machine is suitable for a wide range of industries, including poultry breeding, egg production companies, and food packaging industries. This model BTF4-4 is suitable for the production of egg trays with medium output. If you are interested, please continue reading.


Parameters of BTF 4-4 Egg Tray Machine

BTF4-4 With Metal Egg Tray Drying System

  • Model: BTF4-4 egg tray machine;
  • Capacity: 2500-3000 pieces/h;
  • Forming Mould Quantity: 16;
  • Total Power: 83.5kw;
  • Labor Force: 4-6;
  • Egg tray drying method: metal egg tray dryer; (L≥30m;W≥15m;H≥5m);
  • Fuel Consumption: Natural gas: 40-50m³/h; Diesel: 33-43kg/h.
  • Equipment list: pulping system, molding system, metal egg tray drying system, packaging system, and other accessories.


How to Make Egg Tray with BTF 4-4 Egg Tray Machine

1. Waste paper pulp preparation

The process begins with the preparation of waste paper pulp. It is made from discarded paper-based materials such as paper and cardboard and is usually processed and blended to obtain the desired texture and consistency. Paper pulp is usually obtained from recycled paper, which makes the entire process more environmentally friendly.

2. Mold loading

The prepared waste paper pulp is injected into the mold. These molds are usually shaped and sized to match the shape of the egg tray. Molds are usually made of metal because metal has good thermal conductivity and high-temperature resistance, making it suitable for drying.

3. Extrusion and forming:

Once the waste paper pulp is filled into the mold, the pulp molding machine applies pressure to squeeze the waste paper pulp into the desired shape, which usually includes egg cages and support structures. This process ensures the egg tray’s firmness and consistency.

4. Drying:

Drying is a key step in making egg trays. Once the waste paper pulp is formed into the shape of egg trays, these egg trays need to be dried in a metal dryer. Generally, these dryers typically use electricity, natural gas, or other heat sources to transfer heat into the mold. The metal mold effectively conducts heat, helping the egg trays to dry quickly and evenly.

5. Cooling and packaging:

Once completely dry, the egg trays are left to cool on a cooling rack. Once cooled, they can be packed and ready to be shipped to market. Packaging often involves stacking egg trays together or placing them in bags or boxes to ensure they remain intact during shipping and storage.

BTF4-4 egg tray making machine process flow chart

Video of BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine Operation Test

The operation of the machine is fully automatic, greatly reducing labor costs. If you want to know how an egg tray machine works, here is a video showing how it works. Also, you are welcome to learn more about pulp molding projects on our YouTube.

Why Use Metal Drying Line to Process Egg Tray?


The machine not only has a multi-layer drying structure, but also a highly automated control system. Therefore, this maximizes the use of work space. Additionally, this reduces manual intervention. It offers the flexibility to be moved and reinstalled. This provides easy operation and maintenance.

Energy Saving

Metal drying line of the BTF4-4 egg tray making machine adopts multi-layer air recycling, multiple heat source options and heat efficiency recovery design. Therefore,  it significantly improves the energy-saving effect. Additionally, this reduces energy waste, making it an efficient energy utilization solution.


The equipment separates the independent combustion chamber from the drying chamber. Thus, pure hot air enters the drying box without pollution or fire hazards. The reserved inspection holes are convenient for maintenance. Besides, the pre-installed metal frame structure increases the safety of operation.

Metal Dryer of BTF4-4

Cases of BTF4-4 Egg Tray Making Machine

Beston Group is an experienced manufacturer of environmentally friendly machinery. We have always been committed to the reuse of discarded resources. We have reached cooperation on egg tray machine projects with customers all over the world. Below are some successful cases of the BTF4-4 model for your reference. If you also want to start your own egg tray production project, please feel free to consult Beston Group for your exclusive solution.

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