BST-J40 Batch Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Spain

Good news! Beston has finished the production and delivery of charcoal making machine to Spain on schedule. In the whole cooperation process, the customer trusted Beston very much. Even he couldn’t come to China for a visiting during the special time of Coronavirus, he still choose Beston product and service. Thanks for the trust from our customer, which means a lot for us.

BST-J40 Batch Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Spain
BST-J40 Batch Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Spain

The BST-J40 batch type machine will be used for recycling pig hair to charcoal in Spain. The Spain customer will use the charcoal for soil improvement. The charcoal generated from the biomass carbonization machine can be applied in many industries or sold directly, which will create great profit margin for customers.

Packing List of Beston Charcoal Making Machine to Spain

  • Carbonization reactor, casing, base;
  • Cyclone dust removal system;
  • Cabinet condenser;
  • Electric control cabinet;
  • Other accessories…

Batch Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Spain

Because of the pandemic, we can not arrange engineers to Spain to help install the biochar production units. But we have professional after-sales team and will follow and help install the charcoal machine via online guidance. The customer trust us much and agree the program. We will update the status later.

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