Install BST-30 Biochar Making Machine in USA

Biochar Making Machine in USA Enters Installation Stage in 2024

Here comes an update of machine installation news. The installation of a Beston BST-30 biochar making machine in USA is going smoothly. Since the machine is sent from the Beston factory, we have been updating the American customer on the … Read more

Ship Mobile Biochar Production Equipment to Indonesia in 2024

Beston Group Supports Indonesian Customers to Launch Carbon Removal Project

Recently, Beston Group has shipped a set of BST-05Pro biochar production equipment to Indonesia. The equipment is used to support Indonesian customer’s carbon removal project. This marks a new phase in cooperation between Beston Group and Indonesian customer in carbon … Read more

Ship BST-30 Biochar Production Equipment to USA

Wood Recycling Project in USA Enters Equipment Shipping Stage

Here is the latest project progress update. Beston Group has completed equipment shipments for USA wood pyrolysis project. This project adopts a set of BST-30 biochar production equipment. The equipment is shipped directly from Beston Group’s factory to the customer’s … Read more

BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Shipped to the United States to Process Wood in 2024

Mobile Biochar Machine Shipped to the United States to Process Wood in 2024

Share some good news with everyone. A set of BST-05Pro skid-mounted mobile biochar machine was shipped to the United States in February 2024. This equipment will bring new opportunities to the environmental protection industry in the United States. The innovative … Read more

Install BST-50 Biomass Pyrolysis Plant in Colombia in 2024

Agricultural Biomass Recycling Project in Colombia in 2024

Recently, a BST-50 biomass pyrolysis plant (processing rice husk) is in the installation stage in Colombia. This marks that Beston Group’s agricultural biomass recycling project is progressing smoothly in Colombia. At present, the main unit is roughly assembled. We will … Read more

EFB Biochar Production Equipment in Indonesia in 2023

EFB Recycling Solution in Indonesia in 2023: Biochar Production

Recently, EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) biochar production project is going smoothly in Indonesia. A set of BST-10 biochar production equipment is in the installation stage. A large accumulation of EFB is inevitable in the palm plantation industry. This Indonesian customer … Read more

Successfully Commissioned BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine in South Africa

Install Mobile Biochar Machine in South Africa to Process Sawdust in 2023

Recently, a set of Beston BST-05Pro mobile biochar machine is undergoing a trial run in South Africa. During the test run, the machine successfully produces biochar. To the customer’s satisfaction, the quality of the end product meets his requirements. Consequently, … Read more

BST-05Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Shipping to Australia

Ship Mobile Biochar Machine to Australia in 2023

Recently, an Australian customer orders a set of Beston BST-05Pro mobile biochar machine. This customer uses the machine to process wood chips to obtain biochar for soil remediation. At the same time, the Australian customer also sees the potential of biochar … Read more

Ship BST-50 Biochar Production Equipment to Spain

Ship BST-50 Biochar Production Equipment to Spain-Process Olive Wood

Recently, a set of BST-50 biochar production equipment is successfully sent to Spain. The Spanish customer orders this equipment to process olive wood. We hope that the high-quality biochar produced by the equipment can meet the needs of this Spanish … Read more

BST-10 Beston Sewage Sludge Carbonization Machine To Serbia - Sludge To Biochar

BST-10 Sewage Sludge Carbonization Machine To Serbia in 2023

Here comes a good news! A set of BST-10 sewage sludge carbonization machine has been shipped to Serbia in 2023. The project is supported by the Serbian government. Believe this project can play an important role in the sewage sludge … Read more

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