BST-10 Rice Hull Carbonizer Shipped to Paraguay

Good news! Beston BST-10 rice hull carbonizer was shipped to Paraguay in March 2022. The customer in Paraguay bought the machine for recycling rice hull into BBQ charcoal.

BST-10 Rice Hull Carbonizer Shipped to Paraguay
BST-10 Rice Hull Carbonizer Shipped to Paraguay

Basic Information on BST-10 Rice Hull Carbonizer Shipped to Paraguay

  • Shipped to: Paraguay;
  • Model: BST-10;
  • Capacity: 1t/h;
  • Raw material to process: rice hull/husk;
  • Requirement on end products: hexagonal charcoal rod; used as BBQ charcoal;
  • Production cycle: 45 working days;
  • Delivery date: 2022.3.15;
  • Shipped from: Qingdao port;
  • Estimated time of arrival: 2022.5.15;
  • Installation method: online guided installation.
Beston Rice Hull Carbonizer Shipped to Paraguay
Rice Hull Carbonizer Shipped to Paraguay
Rice Hull Carbonizer to Paraguay

How Beston Served the Paraguay Customer

In the whole cooperation process, Beston has provided perfect pre-sales, in-purchase service and after-sales service from the beginning to the end. When the customer was measuring the rate of return, he was hesitant about the choice of the model. According to the questions raised by the customer, we actively answered and assisted the customer to do economic profit analysis. Finally, the customer chose BST-10 based on the latest ocean freight and income. And the customer was satisfied with Beston rice husk charcoal making machine and service.

Shipping Beston Carbonization Machine to Paraguay
Beston Carbonization Machine to Paraguay
Carbonization Machine to Paraguay

What Paraguay Customer Say About Us

“I was pleasantly surprised to meet Beston Group. You give me the solution I want, the machine I want, the service I want. I am satisfied with all that you have done for me. I am looking forward to installing my carbonizer as soon as possible. And I am also expecting to cooperate with Beston again!”

Video of Shipping Beston Carbonization Machine to Paraguay

In the video, you can see the silhouette of the shipment to Paraguay. Our staff have checked the packaging list to ensure that there was nothing left. All the goods were carefully loaded on the trucks, to further transported to the port.

The BST-10 rice hull carbonizer that the Paraguay customer bought is a hot-selling model in our company. If you have interest in buying a machine like this or want to buy a charcoal machine to recycle wood, sawdust, bamboo, etc., please contact us now!


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