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BLJ-16 Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Morocco in 2021

Beston Group has finished the shipment of BLJ-16 waste plastic pyrolysis plant to Morocco in July, 2021. The pyrolysis oil plant is used to recycle plastic waste and create useful oil resource in Morocco. It can not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also make profit.

BLJ-16 Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Morocco
BLJ-16 Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Morocco

About Beston Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant to Morocco

  • Country: Morocco;
  • Delivery date: 2021.7;
  • Model: BLJ-16;
  • Daily capacity: 15-20t;
  • Working method: semi continuous;
  • Acceptable raw materials: waste plastics such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, etc.
  • Components of plastic pyrolysis machine to Morocco: preatment system, feeding system, reactor system, condensing system, tail gas treatment system, slag discharging system, electronic control system, etc.
Flue Condenser
Flue Condenser

Hydraulic Feeder
Hydraulic Feeder
Residue Tank
Residue Tank

Video of Shipping BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant to Morocco

The waste plastic pyrolysis machine designed by Beston Group has been produced and sent to Morocco as planned. The following video shows that we prepared, packed and sent the machine out of the factory. The machine will be sent to the nearest port and then to Morocco.

The plastic pyrolysis equipment to Morocco can recycle various waste plastics into fuel oil and carbon black. Both of the final products are useful resources, and will be applied in different areas. It is a good business to recycle waste as well as make profit. If you are planning to do the business like this, or you are interested in recycling waste tyres or oil sludge treatment, please contact us. We will provide the most suitable project analysis and plan for you.

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