Beston Will Visit Vietnam from July 23 to July 27

From July 23 to 27, 2018, Meet Beston in Vietnam!

Yesterday, Beston sent the best sales team to Vietnam, who will stay in the country from July 23 to July 27 to investigate the market in Vietnam.

In fact, Vietnam is an old friend of Beston. We have cooperated with several organizations and companies in this country in many solid waste treatment projects, such as continuous pyrolysis plant and solid waste sorting machine. The economy, industry, and tourism have developed fast in Vietnam in recent years. The cooperation between Vietnam and China has also increased rapidly. Therefore, it is an important potential market for Beston.

Beston Group Will Visit Vietnam

Except for visiting the old friends in Hanoi, the team will also meet all the new friends who are interested in Beston pyrolysis plants, charcoal making machines and garbage separation system. The sales team will also bring the latest technical information about that recycling equipment to all the supporters in Vietnam and share with them the newly designed machines of Beston as well.

In addition, there is good news for the new customers who have strong intention to purchase the recycling plants of Beston. If they sign the purchasing contract on site with Beston, they can enjoy a big discount. So, it is a time for Beston to return our customers and also the perfect opportunity for the customers to grasp the benefits.

If you are in Vietnam and you have a plan to set up any solid waste recycling machine in Vietnam, it will also be a good opportunity for you to get the information of the most advanced waste recycling technology in the industry.

Beston Team for Vietnam Market
Beston Team for Vietnam Market

Remember, if you choose Beston, you will obtain a cost-effective and high-quality machine from Beston. Moreover, you will also receive an all-around service, because we promise the best and the most comfortable customer experience from the first day you see us until the machine you purchase from Beston begins running smoothly.

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