Waste Sorting Machine

Municipal solid waste sorting machine (also called MSW sorting plant) has emerged for solving the trouble of solid waste disposal at the right moment and shows even more market value day by day. Since most of the wastes generated by human activities can be recycled as energy or reused after recovery, a waste sorting plant can help people to save more resources comparing landfill or burning, thus it is very meaningful for bettering the global environment.

Municipal solid waste sorting machine
Installation Site of Beston Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine
waste sorting plant
waste sorting machine

What is Municipal Solid Waste?

The municipal solid waste (MSW wiki) varies in different cities at different times. Generally, it consists of municipal household refuse, construction waste, ordinary industrial solid waste and hazardous solid waste, etc. Owing to the complex types of municipal solid waste, it is very hard to treat them together. Meanwhile, most of the wastes are actually recyclable and holding large values potentially. Therefore, municipal solid waste sorting machine which can get various wastes sorted according to the materials and future values has been turned out to be very useful.

Municipal Solid Waste
Municipal Solid Waste is Polluting the Earth

Harm of MSW to Human Survival and Environment

  • Occupy land resources;
  • Pollute the air;
  • Pollute soil;
  • Transmit illness;
  • Pollute groundwater and endanger health;
  • Cause environmental problems…

As a big developing country, China has faced with more serious problem of municipal solid waste, so as the leader in waste treatment industry of China, Beston are experienced in how to sort them apparently. Using the most advanced waste sorting technology, our municipal solid waste treatment plant has also successfully helped many clients from different countries.

What is Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine?

MSW sorting machine is a special equipment that uses sorting technology to realize automatic and efficient sorting and collection of garbage and waste by mechanized and professional means. Garbage and waste can be classified into two categories: recyclables and non-recyclables, among which recyclables mainly include: various types of plastics, various metals, glass, paper, combustible mixtures, organic mixtures, building in-organics, etc. All the recyclables can be further processed to useful resources.

Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine Design
Interior Design of Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

The waste sorting equipment is widely used in the harmless and resourceful disposal of municipal solid waste, mainly used for fresh domestic waste, stale waste, industrial waste, construction waste and other wastes. It can be also called automatic waste segregation machine, garbage separation machine, solid waste treatment plant, etc.

Outdoor Design of MSW Sorting Machine
Outdoor Design of MSW Sorting Machine

Parameters of Beston Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Model BFX-10 BFX-20 Remark
Raw material Municipal solid waste, industrial waste and obsolete landfill waste;
Capacity 10-15t/h 20-25t/h
Total power 337kw 365kw Including exhaust gas and leachate treatment system;
Plant area 1800 2200 Can be designed according to the site;
Production shift 1-2 shifts 1-2 shifts
Use labor quantity 15-20 15-20

Features And Advantages of Beston Waste Sorting Plant

01 High degree of automation

The waste sorting equipment has a high degree of automation. Except for a small number of manual workstations, all others are automatically completed by machine equipment.

02 High sorting efficiency

The sorting efficiency of the equipment is as high as 90%,which maximizes the realization of resource utilization, reduction and harmlessness.

03 Diversified waste disposal

The waste sorting system can handle all kinds of waste, including municipal solid waste, industrial waste and all kinds of stale waste.

04 Clean and harmless disposal system

The equipment has a special exhaust gas deodorization and leachate purification system, which helps to create a cleaner and healthier working environment.

05 Supervisory control system

We have a monitoring and control system to keep the work process running smoothly, safely and efficiently.

06 Waste pollution reduction

The entire automatic separation line is located in a safe and confined space to reduce waste pollution.

07 Easy transportation and installation

The municipal solid waste sorting machine structure is very convenient for transportation and installation, which can effectively reduce transportation and installation Costs.

08 All-round after-sales service

We can also provide customers with a full range of after-sales services, including equipment installation, commissioning and follow-up maintenance.

waste sorting system
Beston Waste Sorting System for Recycling MSW

Five Systems of Beston Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

Sorting and processing system

The waste materials are successively processed by plate homogenizer, manual sorting, crushing, screening, magnetic separation, eddy current, photoelectric separation, Al intelligence, wind separation, compression, etc. Sorting and collecting all kinds of recyclables,loading combustible mixtures, organic mixtures or non-recyclables into trucks, the former can be directly sold or processed, and the latter can be incinerated for power generation, composting or landfill, so as to achieve the so as make to achieve resource, harm-less, reduce.

Electronic control system

It can be divided into 3-level modes according to requirements, debugging and emergency intervention, panel control, WINCC control. Each mode is suitable for different working conditions, and the control level decreases in turn, In daily life, the WINCC control model is normally used.

Monitoring system

In order to monitor the operation status of production line, a certain number of monitoring points are often placed in key stations, and video signals are collected on the large screen in the central control room through cables, so that the central control personnel can discover unexpected problems in time and carry out necessary safe actions.

Deodorization system

In order to prevent the secondary pollution of the environment caused by the odor of garbage, the negative pressure collection + biochemical treatment + photoelectric deodorization technology are used to collect and purify the odor from the site,and discharge it safely after reaching the standard.

Leachate treatment system

In order to prevent secondary pollution of landfill leachate to the environment, biochemical + infiltration technology are used to purify the leachate and discharge it safely after reaching the standard.

How Does Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine Work?

  1. Firstly, you need to plan the site to install 1 domestic waste sorting line. The minimum planned area of a production line is about 20*90=1800m.When you have all the facilities in the workshop, garbage collection trucks and manpower ready, you can start sorting garbage.
  2. All the garbage is collected and transported to the workshop by the garbage truck and unloaded to the hopper of the plate feeder. Under the action of the back-end equalizer, the garbage is evenly transferred to the feeding belt conveyor.
  3. The feeding belt conveyor transports the garbage to the former manual sorting station, and the workers sort out the sorting substances such as plastic bottles, cardboard and large interference objects. Plastic bottles, cardboard can be recycled directly.
  4. Next, the garbage enters the bag breaking machine to shred the bagged garbage(it may also be a coarse crushing equipment, depending on the characteristics of the material), which is convenient for subsequent better processing.can be sold directly for recycling.
  5. The crushed waste materials are transported by the belt conveyor into the trommel screening machine The trommel screening machine is a volume sorter, which can separate the materials according to the volume of the materials. Generally, the design aperture of the sieve plate is 30-60mm (depending on different materials and different process plans), and the waste is screened and processed through a certain diameter hole. The material smaller than or equal to the sieve aperture falls to become the under-sieve, and the material larger than the sieve hole diameter becomes the over-sieve.
  6. The rubbish (under sieve)that is sieved smaller than the aperture is mainly organic matter. They will firstly separate the magnetic metal in the material through a magnetic separator, and then be conveyed by belt and collected by engineering vehicles. These organic wastes are usually used as compost raw materials to produce organic fertilizers for crops.
  7. The material larger than the diameter of the sieve hole is firstly processed by the magnetic separator through the belt transmission, and the magnetic metal in it is separated, and the rest of the material is transferred to the comprehensive air separator for air separation treatment.
  8. The comprehensive air separator utilizes the specific gravity characteristics of materials and uses wind energy to separate the processed materials into light substances, heavy substances and sub-heavy substances.
  9. Most of the heavy substances are inorganic substances with relatively high density, which are collected and transported by the collection belt. After the manual sorting station, the recyclables (rubber, glass, ceramics, masonry, etc.) in the material are sorted out. After the inorganic material is crushed, it can be used as building aggregate, and the remaining material is exported for inorganic landfill.
  10. The secondary heavy materials are mainly a mixture of organic matter and combustible materials, with a relatively high calorific value content, which is more suitable for incineration. After manual sorting, the recyclable materials are sorted out for recycling and reuse, and the remaining materials are collected and used for incineration power generation.
  11. The light material is mainly a mixture of PP/PE plastic film and paper. After the manual sorting platform is used for sorting and impurity removal, the impurities are removed, the impurities are output for incineration, and the remaining materials are transported to a hydraulic packaging machine for compression and packaging. The recycled plastic film is cleaned and processed in the later stage, and the raw material of plastic products- plastic particles can be produced.
  12. The leachate produced in the garbage disposal process can be collected by the collection system for harmless treatment. After reaching the standard, it can be used as water for daily cleaning and watering of flowers and plants to achieve recycling.
  13. The exhaust gas generated in the process of garbage disposal shall be collected by the collection system for harmless treatment, and discharged after reaching the standard.

Beston waste sorting plant can sort waste plastic, metal, glass, organic waste, kitchen waste, bricks and stones, etc. The garbage waste is processed by a professional automatic mechanical sorting machine, which can maximize the waste. Harm, reduction and resource disposal.

working process of municipal solid waste sorting machine

Note: The folk customs and development levels of various countries in the world are seriously unbalanced. The components of waste materials are different, and some of them are very different. Therefore, according to the different material characteristics and processing requirements of various countries, it is necessary to formulate targeted treatment processes and solutions. The most effective way to localize waste disposal.

Where Does the Garbage Go After Sorting

Most recyclables:

  • Plastic: can be reprocessed by plastic pyrolysis machine to get plastic oil and carbon black, then get diesel by crude oil distillation unit; can be pelletized into plastic pellets by plastic pelletizing machine;
  • Metal: can be used to produce steel materials;
  • Organic: can get biogas from fermentation system;
  • Biomass wastes like straws, wood, sewage sludge, etc.: can be carbonized to get charcoals by charcoal making machine;
  • Paper waste: can be pulped into paper trays by pulp molding machine;
  • Brickbats and stones: can be briquetted into new bricks for construction use.


  • Kitchen garbage: can be turned into organic fertilizer and biogas;
  • Combustible materials: can be recycled to brand-new fuels, which is called as rubbish derivation fuel.
Beston municipal solid waste sorting machine is a large waste sorting facility for wastes centralized processing. For the most of time, it is the first step for wastes treatment. Since many wastes are recyclable, you may need subsequent plants for reprocessing them and then get more profits, such as pyrolysis plant, biochar machine, plastic pelletizing machine, etc. You can go to the homepage of Beston to know more about Beston eco-friendly plants or leave you message to us now.

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