Waste Recycling Plant for Sale

Beston designs and manufacturers high-efficiency waste recycling plant for sale. This is a large-scale waste recycling system with multiple functions that we can offer to those who want sort and recycle a large amount of municipal solid waste.

Waste Recycling Plant for Sale
Beston Waste Recycling Plant for Sale
Beston Group adopts high-end techniques and reasonable structures to this waste recycling machine. As a comprehensive waste recycling line, it includes two main parts: waste sorting system and follow-up processing. Firstly the waste will go through separating by various sorting devices. And then they will be sent to a pyrolysis plant or carbonization machine to receive reprocessing. The whole procedure of recycling is safe and fast, making the MSW recycling much easier.

Specification and Parameters of Beston Waste Recycling Plant for Sale

Raw materialMunicipal solid waste, industrial waste and obsolete landfill waste;
Total power337kw365kwIncluding exhaust gas and leachate treatment system;
Plant area18002200Can be designed according to the site;
Production shift1-2 shifts1-2 shifts
Use labor quantity15-2015-20
At the first step of recycling, we offer a series of advanced machines to do the sorting of waste for recycling, such as rotating screening machine, comprehensive winnowing machine, magnetic separator and manual sorting platform, etc. They are available with different sizes of opening to allow the different amounts and types of solid waste. Generally, we can accept all the municipal solid waste, such as plastic waste, paper, kitchen residual, organic waste, metals and brickbats, and stones, etc. In addition, our waste recycling plant can also process and sort mining waste.

Rotary Screening Machine of waste recycling plant
Rotary Screening Machine
Comprehensive Winnowing Machine
Winnowing Machine
Bag Breaking Machine
Bag Breaking Machine
Hydraulic Packing Machine of Automatic Waste Segregation Machine
Hydraulic Packing Machine

Sorting Process of Beston Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Plant

  1. Loading. Two ways of loading are optional, one is upstairs loading and the other is using embedded storage pit.
  2. Feeding. Plate feeder sends the waste to the uniform distributing machine which can spread the adhesive MSW evenly on the belt conveyor for subsequent process.
  3. Manual sorting. The conveyor conveys the MSW to the manual sorting platform and the workers pick bulky waste out, such as the quilt, furniture, big wood branches.
  4. Bag bricking. After manual sorting, the rest MSW will go to bag bricking machine which can break refuse bags.
  5. The waste will be transited to the rotating screening machine. The diameter of the bore in the machine is 50 mm, so it can screen two types of wastes according to this size: the undersized matter (mostly are organics) and oversized matter (mostly are plastic, stone, textiles, rubber boots, etc.) The undersized matter(<50 mm) will go to the suspension-type magnetic separation which can separate metals out from them and the rest will be collected for subsequent processing. The oversized materials (>50 mm) will go to magnetic separation to sort iron drink cans or packaging tins out and then be sent to the eddy separator and gets the nonferrous matters out. After that, the rest will be sent to winnowing machine.
  6. Comprehensive winnowing machine is designed by combining of positive and negative pressure, therefore, it can sort out light plastic waste, heavy articles, and other materials.
  7. The light plastic waste is conveyed to the manual sorting platform so that the workers will pick the impurities out. Finally, they will go to the hydraulic packaging machine, getting pressed and packaged, waiting for subsequent processing. Heavy materials, such as bricks and stones, rubber overshoes, ceramic chips, glasses are also conveyed to the manual platform. The worker picks the usable articles of them out for future recycling.
  8. The rest waste like brick or stones will be also collected for reprocessing. Hard plastic, rubber products, fabrics and large organic waste from the rest waste will also be picked out. Since the rest of those materials are mostly combustible, you can collect and send them to landfill or use them to generate electricity.
waste recycling system of waste recycling plant
Advanced Waste Recycling System

Followup Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste

After the sorting process finishing, the sorted waste will be sent to specific waste processing machines, i.e.

  • Waste plastic: turn to fuel oil by a plastic to oil machine, or further processed into diesel by distillation machine;
  • Rubber waste: turn to fuel oil by a rubber pyrolysis plant;
  • Organic waste: making biochar through a charcoal making machine or making biogas in a fermentation system;
  • Metal: go to steel factory and make steel bars;
  • Brick and bat and stones: recycle in remaking bricks for construction use.
Pyrolysis System
Pyrolysis System
Oil Distillation Unit
Oil Distillation Unit
Biochar Making Machine
Biochar Making Machine

Exceptional Advantages of Beston Waste Recycling Facility

  • Multiple functions: able to sort different kinds of solid waste
  • Sanitary: specialized deodorization system; sealed feeding design; de-dusting system
  • Safe: 24-hour monitoring system
  • User-friendly design: very easy to transport and install
  • Flexible structure and customizable: the customers can select different sorting devices according to the types of their municipal solid waste and we can also customize the configuration of the plants to suit their real needs.
waste recycling plant
Beston Waste Recycling Machine Running in China

Reasonable Waste Recycling Plant Cost

If you are going to dispose of a large amount of solid waste, you will definitely need a waste processing plant like what we offer. To set up such a plant, you may consider the recycling plant prices.

The cost of a recycling plant varies in accordance with the design, configuration, energy, and quality. Beston’s waste recycling plant for sale has advanced design and reliable quality, which means you can use it for a much longer time without any worry of outdating. The whole set of the recycling plant is automatic, so it can improve working efficiency, so as to save more energy cost for the customers. Besides, we can customize for our customers and they have the right to choose what part they really need and what they don’t freely. It will be very helpful for reducing their cost on this plant.

Moreover, some of the customers concern about their cost on time to start a waste recycling business. As for this question, Beston has specialized “Turnkey Project” for them and help them to start this business in a short time with high efficiency.

In a word, we are capable to provide the most suitable plant with the most reasonable prices for our customers.

Beston Machinery- One of the Reliable Waste Recycling Plants Manufacturers

Beston is one of the leading China recycling machine suppliers in the designs and manufacturing of solid waste recycling equipment. Over decades, we have provided solutions and services in ecology and recycling and machines for disposing of all the municipal solid waste, industrial waste, household waste, medical waste, and biomass. All of the machines are dedicated to recycling waste into the useful energy for human being’s good. At the same time, recycling is a rewarding business, therefore, our high-quality waste recycling units have helped thousands of investors make money constantly in recent years.

Beston’s waste recycling plant has been sold to many places in the world. We also established branches offices in Europe (Romania), South Africa and Southeastern Asia, etc. Our recycling machinery will continue benefiting more people in the world. Get more information about our plants from the homepage if you’re interested.

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