Beston Waste Plastic Recycling Solution is Recognized by Dutch Customers

Through the efforts of both parties, Beston waste plastic recycling solution has been recognized by Dutch customers. Recently, Beston Group has finished the delivery to Netherlands. We will introduce the project by the following parts.

Shipment of Beston Pyrolysis Plants And Distillation Plant to Netherlands
Beston Pyrolysis Plants And Distillation Plant to Netherlands
Distillation Plant to Netherlands

Dutch Customers’ Requirement & Beston’s Solution

PART1. Dutch Customers’ Requirement

  • Raw material to recycle: waste plastics from household waste;
  • Required finished product and applications: fuel oil; part of the oil will be used for shipping, and another part will be distilled and mixed with standard oil;
  • Product requirements: the materials of the main pyrolysis reactor and oil condensing pipes are required to be stainless steel; the control part is required to be all Siemens PLC electronic control; and each two sets of BLL-16 pyrolysis plants share one set of dust removal system.

PART2. Beston’s Solution

4 sets of BLL-16 pyrolysis plants and 1 set of BZJ-10 oil distillation plant.

Pyrolysis Plants to Netherlands
Beston Pyrolysis Plants to Netherlands
Beston Pyrolysis Plants Shipped to Netherlands

Why Do Dutch Customers Ultimately Choose Beston Group?

1. Professional senior project consultants

Taking the terminal products as an example: due to customers’ new entry into this field, their expectations are too high. After in-depth communication with customers for many times, the senior project consultants have made customers more practical to understand the current industry, product status and the application of terminal products in reality.

We never pander to customers or exaggerate our products. We only stand in the perspective of helping customers succeed, and provide customers with the most practical and professional solutions.

2. Complete and competitive solutions

Taking the configuration as an example: under the premise of ensuring the safety of operation, our solution managers have tried their best to meet the needs of customers. For example, in terms of dust removal, customers have high requirements for the content of oxygen, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas. We have continuously updated the technical processes with the professors in the university, and obtained the final waste plastic recycling solution that are close to customers’ requirements through theoretical derivation and market feedback. Therefore, the customer’s recognition on Beston Group has been also improved, and the order has also been promoted.

At the same time, we finally confirmed the final version of the plan and obtained the customer’s approval based on the emission requirements of the customer’s country and the current demands of the customer.

3. Perfect after-sales service

Our after-sales team actively assists the technical department to provide customers with drawings. Combined with the customer’s on-site construction requirements, we have changed 7 versions of the layout before the final version is finalized. Our service has also won the recognition of customers.

Our factory actively stocked up, completed the production tasks on time, assisted the third-party inspectors to complete inspections, and saved transportation costs with the optimal loading plan for customers.

Ship Pyrolysis Plants And Distillation Plant to Netherlands

Shipment of Beston Pyrolysis Plants And Distillation Plant to Netherlands

The production cycle of the products (4 sets of plastic pyrolysis plants and 1 set of oil distillation plant) is 80 working days. All the goods are sent from Qingdao Port and will be installed by online guidance.

Video of shipping Beston pyrolysis plants and distillation plant to Netherlands

[videopress KsIKNQHW]

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