Waste Oil Distillation Plant

Are you looking for a waste oil distillation plant for sale? Beston newly-designed crude oil distillation equipment adopted advanced distillation technology, to convert waste oil into qualified non-standard diesel or gasoline. And the comprehensive oil yield of our plant can reach 85%-90%. Take the waste engine oil for instance, the oil yield can exceed 90% if the water content of the engine oil is below 5%.

Waste Oil Distillation Plant
Beston BZJ-06 Waste Oil Distillation Plant Installed in Dominica

Waste Oil Suitable for Beston Oil Distillation Machine

  • Plastic/tyre pyrolysis oil;
  • Used engine oil;
  • Crude oil;
  • Heavy oil;
  • Waste lubricant, etc.

Note: the oil yield will be different according to the different raw materials; please tell us your materials, or you can mail your samples, and we will test the oil yield for you in advance.

Tyre/Plastic Pyrolysis Oil
Tyre/Plastic Pyrolysis Oil
Crude Oil
Crude Oil
Used Engine Oil
Used Engine Oil

Specifications of Beston Waste Oil Distillation Plant for Sale

Model BZJ-06 BZJ-10
Capacity 6T/D 10T/D
Oil Yield 5.1T/D 8.5T/D
Working Method Batch
Raw Materials Crude oil, waste oil, fuel oil, used engine oil
Heating Materials Oil, LPG, natural gas, wood, coal, etc.
Power 20KW 36KW
Structural Form Vertical
Cooling Method Water cooling
Operating Pressure Normal and Vacuum
Service Life 5-8 years

Batch distillation machine

One batch a day; low cost and set-up capital; small occupied area;

Continuous distillation equipment

24-hours continuous work; low energy consumption; no external heating source required during the entire operation.

Continuous Waste Oil Distillation Equipment for Sale
Beston Continuous Waste Oil Distillation Equipment for Sale 2020

Applications of the End Product – Non-standard Diesel

  • Applied in low-speed and heavy-duty diesel engines, such as large agricultural machinery, mining machinery, ships, generators, etc.;
  • Can not be directly used in automotive engines; (requires to mix with standard diesel 3:1);
  • Can be used as a heating source.
Diesel form Beston crude oil processing plant
Diesel form Beston crude oil distillation equipment
used oil distillation plant

Unique Features

  • We use different heating system for batch-type plant and auto continuous plant. Hot air heating system is applied to batch-type plant to expand the life of reactor; the latest tubular furnace is applied to auto continuous plant to improve the heating efficiency and safety index of the waste plastic to non-standard diesel plant or tyre to non-standard diesel machine.
  • Auto feeding and discharging system can reduce the cost of manpower.
  • Totally sealed distillation reactor can make sure there’s no gas leakage or pollution to the environment.
  • We have particular device to eliminate malodorous and toxic emissions, so as to meet the environmental standard. For example, a three-layer de-dusting system is adopted to filter the exhaust gas.
  • Safety valves, automatic alarming system, anti-explosion valve are used to ensure safety of the operation.
  • High oil yield. The comprehensive oil yield of our waste oil refinery machine is about 85%-90%.
  • High working efficiency. There is no corrosion, fouling and coking during the process of working.
  • It is easy for transporting and installing.
  • The system creates an alternative of energy to replace petroleum products and natural gas, which can achieve turning waste to energy.
pyrolysis oil distillation plant
Beston Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant in China

Waste Oil Distillation Process

  1. The oil pump pumps the waste oil/crude oil/used engine oil/pyrolysis oil into the distillation reactor by oil pump.
  2. The reactor will be heated by oil, LPG, natural gas, wood or coal, etc and when the temperature reaches to certain degree, the oil will be boiling and evaporating.
  3. The oil gas will be generated and be purified in the distillation tower.
  4. Purified oil gas will flow to the condensers and be liquefied into light fuel oil.
  5. And then the light fuel oil will be piped into the deep purifying system and pressure filtering system to cleanse the acidity and alkaline.
  6. Finally we get qualified non-standard diesel or gasoline and use it for engine or generators.

Technical Characteristics

  • There is complete equipment equipped for environmental protection, such as waste gas burner and flue gas dust collecting room;
  • Adopt simple chemical method: eliminate the color and peculiar smell of products;
  • The used or waste oil distillation machine can reduce the waste and solve the oil resource decreasing issues;
  • The water circulation technology to release the pressure of the device can greatly improve the security of the system, and also the output and quality of the fuel oil;
  • The waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis oil distillation plant adopts the hot air heating technology for the heating system, which can guarantee the safety of system and increase the heating efficiency.

Why You Should Beston – Professional Distillation Plant Supplier

  • Customized design and turn-key project provided;
  • Reasonable distillation plant price;
  • Top-class pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales service;
  • Lifelong maintenance and consultant;
  • Rich exporting and installation experience.

Beston Crude Oil Distillation Unit Installed in Dominica

oil distillation plant in dominica
crude oil processing plant in dominica
oil vacuum distillation equipment in dominica
small distillation plant in dominica

The whole working process of our waste oil distillation plant is very easy for operating. Owing to the high oil yield and high performance cost, our clients can usually get profits quickly from this plant. Therefore, our plant has gained a good reputation in the market of like products and we have sold it to many foreign countries in recent years. Aside from high quality products, Beston also provide perfect after-sale services and professional instructions to our clients. If you want to know more about Beston and other products, you can go back to our homepage or leave us a message freely for more information.

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