US Customer Showed Great Interests in Beston Waste Recycling Machine

On July 13, Beston Group got US customer’s visit to the sorting machine factory in Shangqiu City. The customer was very interested in Beston high-efficiency waste sorting line. Being accompanied by the factory director and sales specialist, the customer watched the whole working line of the segregation machine and understood the function of each part.

US Customer Visited Beston Factory
US Customer Visited Beston Factory

The customer intended to set up two sorting lines in his place, one processed 500 ton per day, and the other processed 300 per day. According to his specific needs, the director and sales specialist explained the sizes, floor areas, and prices to him respectively. Moreover, the customer showed great interest in one of the main subsequent processing equipment for waste, China pyrolysis plant. He believed this plant was very practical and profitable because it was able to convert waste tyre and plastic into fuel oil. He also believed this plant will maximize the earnings of those who wanted to invest in waste sorting and recycling.

US Customer Visited Beston Waste Recycling Plant
US Customer Visited Beston Waste Recycling Plant

Thereafter, when they finished the visit of Beston automated waste segregation system, the sales specialist continued to explain the types of pyrolysis machines and the specific working processes to the customer in details.

The customer has traveled to China many times and he can speak Chinese very well. He is impressed by the rapid developing of Central China in recent years and thinks highly of the manufacturing industry of China. Meanwhile, he is quite impressed by the advanced manufacturing techniques of Beston and the professional attitude of the sales consultant, which have also strengthened his intention of cooperation with us.

Since decades ago, China Beston pyrolysis plants and solid waste treatment plants have had strong brand influence across the whole country. Now, we would like to enable ourselves to be heard not only by Southeastern Asia, America ( North and South), Europe, Australia or South Africa, but the whole world.

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