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3 Sets of Pyrolysis Plant Installed in Malaysia in 2024

3 Sets of Pyrolysis Plants Installed in Malaysia in 2024

Here’s the latest update on a project news! Our Malaysian customer’s oil sludge & plastic pyrolysis project has made new progress. Recently, 3 sets of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plants has entered installation stage in Malaysia. The entire installation of the project … Read more

BLJ-16 Beston Batch Tyre Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Azerbaijan

BLJ-16 Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Azerbaijan

Beston Group is thrilled to share that BLJ-16 Beston tyre pyrolysis machine is on its way to Azerbaijan! This equipment is designed to process 12-16 tons of tires per hour, making it a powerhouse in waste-to-energy solutions. This machine aligns … Read more

Successfully Ship Tyre Pyrolysis Plant to Mexico in 2023

Successfully Ship BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant to Mexico in 2023

Good news! Beston Group reached cooperation on the solid waste recycling project with a customer from Mexico. In October 2023, Beston Group successfully shipped a set of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plant to Mexico.  Please read on for more information. How Beston … Read more

2 Sets of BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plants Shipped to South Africa in 2023

2 Sets of BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plants Shipped to South Africa in 2023

Good news! Beston Group achieves cooperation of pyrolysis project with the South African customer. In October 2023, Beston successfully delivers 2 sets of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plants to South Africa. The South African customer intends to process waste tires and plastics through … Read more

Ship BLJ-16 Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant to Nigeria in 2023

Ship 3 Sets of BLJ-16 Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plants to Nigeria

Good news! Beston Group has reached cooperation with the Nigerian customer on the oil sludge treatment project. We have sent 3 sets of BLJ-16 oil sludge pyrolysis plants to Nigeria successfully in September 2023. The production and transportation of the … Read more

Ship BLJ-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plant to Croatia in 2023

3 Sets of BLJ-16 Plastic Pyrolysis Plants Shipped to Croatia in 2023

Good news, Beston Group successfully ships 3 sets of plastic pyrolysis plants to Croatia. The model of these machines is BLJ-16, which adopts Beston’s most advanced plastic pyrolysis technology. From initial planning to machine transportation, we maintain close contact with … Read more

A Customer from Japan Received Beston Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Plant in 2023

A Customer from Japan Received Beston Skid-mounted Pyrolysis Plant in 2023

A customer from Japan purchased BLJ-3 Beston skid-mounted pyrolysis plant in 2023. In June, we updated the news of the shipment of this machine to Japan. Now this equipment has arrived in Japan. And, this customer received this machine successfully. … Read more

BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Unit Shipped to Paraguay in 2023

Beston Group Launches Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Project in Paraguay in 2023

Recently, the Paraguayan customer orders a set of BLJ-3 tyre pyrolysis plant from Beston Group. The project is currently in the machine delivery stage. This Paraguayan customer uses the machine to dispose of waste tyres. The BLJ-3 is a skid-mounted model for easy installation and operation. As … Read more

A Customer Chose Beston Thermal Desorption Equipment in Libya in 2023

A Customer Chose Beston Thermal Desorption Solution in Libya in 2023

In 2023, a customer coming from Libya chose Beston thermal desorption solution to process the local oil sludge waste. This customer got a BLJ-16 thermal desorption plant. This model has a suitable feeding capacity for this customer. In June, Beston … Read more

Ship BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Unit to Japan

Ship BLJ-3 Mobile Pyrolysis Plant to Japan in 2023

Here comes the good news! A set of BLJ-3 mobile pyrolysis plant has shipped to Japan successfully. The Japanese customer orders this machine to process waste tires. Hope this pyrolysis machine can meet the expectations of the Japanese customer. Please … Read more

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