Customers from Australia Visited Beston Newly-designed Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Recently Beston customers came all the way from Australia to visit our pyrolysis plant. They firstly knew our plants on the Canton Fair. And then in August 2018, they met us on the International Waste Processing Exhibition in Sydney.

Customers from Australia Visited Beston Newly-designed Pyrolysis Plant
Customers from Australia Visited Beston Newly-designed Pyrolysis Plant

The customers were originally interested in our BLL-16 and BLL-30 continuous style pyrolysis plants both. Therefore, we prepared the demo plant in advance and invited them to watch the entire working process of the two types of machines when they arrived at the factory of Beston pyrolysis plant. The customers were impressed by the new “Three-in-one Oil Discharging System”, which they believed could save a lot of time and space. And then, they visited the production lines for waste tyre pyrolysis plants in the workshops. After the visiting, the sales consultants and technicians explained specific technical questions for the customers through 3d animation.

Customers from Australia Visited Beston Pyrolysis Plant
Customers from Australia Visited Beston
Australian Customers Visited Beston

The customers preferred the fully continuous pyrolysis plant (BLL-30) after listening to the introduction of the technicians. They have visited a lot of similar pyrolysis machine suppliers in China but still believed the techniques and quality of Beston pyrolysis plant was on the top of the ranking and they would consider a future cooperation with us.

The business of tyre recycling in Australia is flourishing now and we hope we can cooperate with the customers as soon as possible and help them to solve their tyre disposal problem and bring additional profits to them as the same time.

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