Charcoal Making Machine in Turkey

Up to now, Beston Machinery has exported 2 sets of charcoal making machines to Turkey, including:

Case1 – BST-20 Wood and Sawdust Charcoal Machine in Turkey 2020

The installation of Beston BST-20 wood and sawdust charcoal making machine is coming to an end of being installed in Turkey. Everything goes smoothly.

The charcoal production equipment in Turkey can help our Turkish customers convert wood chips and sawdust into charcoal. The raw materials are rich in Turkey, where the charcoal has a good price. The biochar machine in turkey will bring great profits for our customers.

Turkey Customers’ Visiting to Beston Company

On December 13, 2019, Turkish customers visited Beston biomass pyrolysis equipment (also called charcoal making machine). Customers were very interested in the machine and believed that this was a new way to turn waste into treasure, and expressed that they were look forward to cooperating with our company soon.

Turkey Customers’ Visiting to Beston Company

Shipment of Beston Charcoal Machine to Turkey

We finished the production and shipment of the charcoal machine ordered by Turkish customers on schedule.

Beston Charcoal Machine to Turkey

Charcoal Making Machine Installed in Turkey

The biomass carbonization machine was successfully installed in Turkey under our engineers’ guidance. We also have trained the workers until they can operate the machine by themselves. The machine has simple operation.

Charcoal Making Machine in Turkey

Video of Beston Biochar Machine in Turkey

The is the working video of Beston charcoal making machine running in Turkey. Everything goes well and customers are quite satisfied with the machine.

Case2 – BST-50 Sawdust Carbonizing Machine in Turkey 2019

BST-50 Sawdust Charcoal Plant in Turkey 2019

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