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BST-50 BBQ Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Iran

Shipping news of Beston charcoal making machines is coming! Beston BST-50 continuous BBQ charcoal making machine was shipped to Iran at the end of October 2022. Here is the introduction of the shipping news for your reference. If you have the same requirement, please contact us right now.

BST-50 BBQ Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Iran
BST-50 BBQ Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to Iran

Introduction of BST-50 Continuous BBQ Charcoal Making Machine to Iran

  • Location: Iran;
  • Brand: Beston Group;
  • Project: BST-50 BBQ charcoal making machine;
  • Configuration: standard + dryer + briquetting machine;
  • Capacity: 5t/h;
  • Raw materials: Greenhouse wastes;
  • Final products: BBQ for cooking.

In the process of cooperation, the customer in Iran wanted to know the size of the carbonization equipment and the area of the plant. Our product engineers made the layout drawings according to the customer’s drawings and sent them for their reference. The customers recognized Beston Group very much.

BST-50 Continuous BBQ Charcoal Making Machine to Iran
Continuous BBQ Charcoal Making Machine to Iran
Continuous Charcoal Machine to Iran

Shipment of Continuous Charcoal Machine to Iran

Watch the following video and learn about the shipment of the charcoal machine to Iran. The whole production cycle of the order is 45 working days. It has taken 3 days for the shipment. The goods were shipped out from Tianjin port and will arrive in the customer’s site in the middle of January. The project will be installed under the online guidance. Do not worry. Beston Group has successfully helped countless customers install their projects by online guidance since 2019.

The customer in Iran bought the charcoal making machine for making BBQ. The BBQ can be used for cooking or sold directly. Besides, the biochar production equipment also has many other applications. It can be used for soil remediation and improvement, carbon fixation and emission reduction, etc. If you are planning to install such a plant in Iran or your site, please contact us right now. We will provide the most suitable solution as well as product for you.

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