BST-05 Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Shipped to the US

Good news! Beston BST-05 Pro mobile biochar machine was shipped to the US in November 2022, which is the first shipment of Beston mobile biochar unit. Beston has improved and tested the machine for countless times, and finally it was successfully launched and recognized by customers. Have a look the news here.

BST-05 Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Shipped to the US
BST-05 Pro Mobile Biochar Machine Shipped to the US

Information of BST-05 Pro Mobile Biochar Machine to the US

  • Brand: Beston Group;
  • Location: the US;
  • Model and capacity: BST-05 Pro with standard configuration, 150-200kg/h;
  • Raw materials to process: sawdust;
  • Source of raw materials: purchase and recycle;
  • Required final product: biochar;
  • Usage of final product: used for agricultural soil amelioration (mixed with compost).
  • Production cycle: 45 working days;
  • Date of shipment: November 22, 2022;
  • Date of sailing: November 27, 2022 from Qingdao port;
  • Estimated arrival date: December 31, 2022 (New York port);
  • Installation method: online guidance.

Why Did the Customer Decided to Invest in the Project?

– Strong Industry Correlation

Coincide with the customer’s philosophy of large-scale carbon capture: waste is collected and transformed into a stable form of carbon. The current technologies mastered by customers include carbon mineralization technology, organic waste treatment, biofuel production, anaerobic decomposition tank (compost), etc. Now the customer wants to step in the field of biochar, and further in soil improvement.

– Profitable

The source of sawdust is wide and the raw material is free. The customer planned to sell biochar at a price of about 1000 dollars/ton. If the biochar can not be sold, he has plan B: to bury the biochar and sell the carbon credit line. The calculation result is about 400 dollars per ton of biochar. Compared with the free raw materials, investing in a machine can quickly recoup costs and create value.

Why did the customer in the US choose Beston Group finally? We asked the customer this question. The customer told us two reasons: the professional and timely response, the products that just meet the requirements. The BST-05 Pro mobile biochar unit is very suitable for beginners. The 90% installation work has been done in the factory. It is mounted on a skid, which is easy for installation. We will update the installation news later.

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