BST-05 Palm Wood Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to United Arab Emirates

Beston BST-05 continuous palm wood charcoal making machine was shipped to United Arab Emirates in August 2022. The customer has bought the machine for the industrial hookah charcoal/barbecue charcoal production solution, which has become more and more popular in the biochar industry.

BST-05 Palm Wood Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to United Arab Emirates
BST-05 Palm Wood Charcoal Making Machine Shipped to United Arab Emirates

Description of Charcoal Making Machine to United Arab Emirates

Location: UAE;

Date of shipment: August 2022;

Raw material to recycle: palm wood;

Required end product: industrial hookah charcoal/barbecue charcoal;

Model and capacity: BST-05 (500kg/h).

Charcoal Making Machine to United Arab Emirates

Customer’s requirement description

The customer in United Arab Emirates has found Beston Group by searching on online. He has much palm wood materials from the woods that need to be recycled. The raw materials have high moisture content. In fact, the customer has sets of batch carbonization machines built by himself. But due to the high moisture content, all the production lines are not working well. So he was searching for continuous charcoal making machine for sale, and required that the excess combustible gas in the whole line could be led to the intermittent line for heating.

Beston’s charcoal production solution

After our project manager and solution manager understood the customer’s needs and actual site, they found that the situation could be improved. The recommended BST-05 wood charcoal making machine (width crusher and dryer) to solve the problem. The whole charcoal production line can solve all the problems perfectly, and meanwhile, it can make industrial hookah charcoal/barbecue charcoal as well as wood tar and vinegar with high efficiency. All the final products can be sold directly in a high price in the market.

Delivery of Beston Charcoal Machine to UAE

The whole production cycle of the charcoal manufacturing plant to UAE has taken 45 working days. The goods were loaded on August 27, from Qingdao to the customer’s Dubai port. It is expected to arrive at the end of September. Here is the shipment video.

[videopress 8yDbFOR5]

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