Beston Waste Sorting Machine Shipped Successfully to Hungary

Recently, Beston newly designed municipal solid waste sorting machine was shipped to Hungary successfully.

Beston Waste Sorting Machine Shipped Successfully to Hungary
Beston Waste Sorting Machine Shipped Successfully to Hungary

The municipal solid waste segregation machine is a large system, so the preparation of shipping was very careful. Firstly, the engineers and sales consultant made a detailed shipping list for the customers and then every item in the list was packaged carefully and loaded onto the truck. After that, the trucks transported the machine to the port of Lianyungang, where there was the specialized cargo terminal for exporting.

It is not the first time for Beston to cooperate with Hungary. Last year, Beston pyrolysis plant was assembled and started running in a waste recycling organization in Hungary. The high quality and high efficiency of Beston machine have gained a good fame in the local waste recycling industry circle. That is why we can get the second chance to cooperate with this beautiful country in Europe.

This waste sorting machine will help the Hungarian customers to dispose of 400 tons of waste in maximum, which can satisfy the waste disposing need of a whole city per day. Besides, Beston has a strict line from the preliminary packaging to the last checking of the machine to make sure everything is alright. And along with the garbage sorting machine, there are also engineers who will arrive at the customers’ place to help them with the assembling and commissioning.

After Beston’s branch office in Romania opened at the end of last year, the relationship between European and Beston has turned to be much closer. Hungary is one of our best friends in Europe. We appreciate every chance of cooperation with all European countries as well as any other places in the world. Therefore, no matter which kind of machine you need, pyrolysis equipment, sorting facilities or charcoal machine, just feel free to leave us a message.

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