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UK Customer Came to Beston and Just Completed the Plant Examination

On April 2, 2018, UK customer Petter of Beston pyrolysis plant arrived at Beston and began his examination on the newly manufactured pyrolysis plant.

UK Customer Came to Beston and Just Completed the Plant Examination
UK Customer Came to Beston and Just Completed the Plant Examination

Being assistant with Beston professional engineering team and sales group, our British customer finished the rigorous examination and spoke highly of Beston high quality pyrolysis machines. Later on, the pyrolysis plant will be shipped to the UK and we will also send a team of installation engineers with the plant. They will give a necessary guide to our UK customers. We are confident with our plant and we hope our pyrolysis plant can help a lot more customers in their business of waste recycling.

UK Customer Checked Beston Pyrolysis Plant Factory
UK Customer Came to Complete the Plant Examination
UK Customer Checked Beston Pyrolysis Machine
UK Customer Checked Pyrolysis Equipment
Pyrolysis Plant Will be Installed in UK

Beston has strong ability of manufacturing and research and perfect after-sale service also. What’s more, our plants are all eco-friendly and energy-saving, they will be the perfect choice for those who want to invest in the waste recycling industry.



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