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Tyre to Oil Plant Cost

If you want to know the tyre to oil plant cost, you need to know as much information as you can about the plant. Now let’s look at the plant together and see what it can really do for you and how much you will spend on it.

Tyre to oil plant cost is about USD49000-75000.

Note: the waste tyre pyrolysis plant cost is just an estimated value. The detailed cost is depended on the machine you required.

Tyre to Oil Machine
Beston Tyre to Oil Plant

What Does a Tyre to Oil Plant Do

The tire to oil machine helps you properly recycle your waste rubber tyres. During the process of recycling, it uses pyrolysis as the main technology to change the waste tyres into useful endproducts like tyre oil, steel wires and carbon black.

Specification and Parameter of Beston Waste Tyre to Oil Plant for Sale

Daily Capacity2-3T5-6T8T-10T13-16T20-30T
Working MethodBatchSemi-ContinuousFully Continuous
Raw MaterialsWaste Plastic, Tyre, Rubber, Oil Sludge
Reactor SizeD1.4m*L5mD2.2m*L6.0mD2.6m*L6.6mD2.8m*L7.1mD1.8m*L18.5m
PatternHorizontal & Rotary
Heating MaterialsFuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Total Power16.65kw/h37.85kw/h44.3kw/h44.6kw/h256kw/h
Installation Area Requst (L*W*H)18m*4.2m*6m30m*12m*8m33m*13m*8m33m*13m*8m70m*20m*10m
Operating PressureSlight Positive PressureSlight Negative Pressure
Cooling MethodWater Cooling
Life span5-8 Years
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Price
Batch Tyre to Oil Plant Reactor
Tyre to Oil Plant Cost
Continuous Tire to Oil Machine Reactor

Tyre to Oil Recycling Process

1. Feed the waste tyres into the pyrolysis reactor. Before feeding, the wire drawing machine will draw the steel wires out of the waste tyres and then the tire shredding machine will shred the tyres into small pieces.
2. After feeding, heat the reactor and when the inner temperature of the reactor reaches to 160℃, the oil gas will be generated and then flow to the manifold. Heavy particles of the oil gas will be liquefied into heavy oil and discharged in the heavy oil tank. Light oil gas will rise up to the tube condenser and then liquefied into the light oil and stored in the light oil tank.
3. Combustible gas generated during the process of pyrolysis will be desulfurated and cleaned and finally reused as fuel to heat the reactor.
4. The residual gas will be cooled down and then enter into the de-dusting system. After that, the smoke will go through the water washing, water spray, and ceramic ring adsorption to meet the EU environmental protection and emission standards. Meanwhile, the auto screw discharger discharges the carbon black out.

Think About Your Tyre to Oil Plant Project Cost

We strongly suggest you consider the following 5 elements that influence the tyre to oil machine cost.

  • Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Price
  • Fees for Establishing Fundamental Facilities
  • Cost of Labor and Area
  • Environmental Tax
  • Follow up Maintenance

As a reliable tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturer, Beston Group promises to supply high-quality waste tyre to oil machines with reasonable prices. We mainly provide four types of machines with different capacities and output as well as different prices. The customers can choose freely according to their needs.

Professional Workshop and Lab

  1. Because we have our own professional manufacturing workshop and lab, we can use many firsthand technologies and skills on the production line. Buying the tyre to oil machine directly from Beston, the customers will also save a lot of money than finding an agent.
  2. We also adopt advanced production mode and techniques to improve working efficiency and reduce the production cost. For example, we have auto-welding technique and use it when producing the plant. It reduces the labor cost and improves the quality of our plants at the same time.
  3. In addition, we also make sure the plants we produced is low energy-consuming. So we make the following changes for the latest plant.

Changes Made to Reduce the Energy Consumption of the Tyre to Oil Plant

New Heating System

The latest type of tyre pyrolysis oil plant for sale in Beston adopts a new heating structure. It has combined the advantages of the direct heating system(open fire type) and the indirect one(wind type) together to improve the heating utilization and save energy.

Combustible Gas Utilization

There will be combustible gas generated while pyrolysis process is happening, so we have the technique to collect the gas. After undergoing the desulfurization and de-dusting, it will be used as fuel to heat the pyrolysis plant back.

Fire-Proof Materials

Between the pyrolysis reactor and the casing, we use refractory materials to prevent heat loss and save energy at the same time.
After-sales service team

High-quality End-product to Make Your Investment Worth Your Cost

Oil from Rubber Tyres

The pyrolysis oil from tyres has a high calorific value, therefore, it will be a good raw material to produce fuel oil.

Generally, it can be sold directly as fuel oil. If you want to raise your tyre pyrolysis oil price on the market, you can reprocess it into diesel oil and gasoline by an waste oil distillation equipment.

Attention: The flashpoint of the pyrolysis oil is low, so you need to add anti-static device while delivering it.

Oil Yield

Types of Tyres Oil Yield
Tyres from large automobiles 45%
Tyres from small automobiles or bicycles 35%
Other rubber wastes like rubber cable leather, shoe soles. 35%
Tyre Oil
Fuel Oil from Tyres
Steel Wire
Steel Wire
Carbon Black
Carbon Black

Because of the high-quality of the plant and a good condensing effect of the condenser, the oil yield of our tyre to oil plant is above the average level. Thereafter, it can increase your returns from the end-products, so as to reduce your overall tire pyrolysis plant cost. In addition, you can also make money from the other two end-products, the steel wires and the carbon black. Both of them can be sold directly.

The whole set of a tyre to oil plant is environmental-friendly because all the flue gas or residual gas emission, wastewater discharge and slag discharge meet the national standards. If you set up this plant in your place, you may save a lot of money on environmental tax.

Beston Tyre to Oil Plant Shipped to Uganda and Romania

Tyre to Oil Plant Cost
Tire to Oil Machine

Moreover, Beston also has the excellent and professional sale consultants who can provide a specific business plan about the tyre to oil plant cost, if the customers have strong intention to set up this machine in their places but don’t have enough experience. We are devoted ourselves to supplying a high-quality plant with reasonable cost and great service to the customers all over the world! Come to visit us or leave your message to us Now.

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