Tyre Shredder for Sale

If you want to recycle tyres, especially oil car tires, you should firstly cut them in small pieces, so as to make the following processing easier. I guess you will definitely need a high working efficiency and low cost tyre shredder for sale, an important pre-treatment plant during the process of waste tyres recycling. It can shred big tyres into small pieces. It is widely used for waste tyre pyrolysis plant and other tyre recycling equipment.

tire shredding machine
Beston Tire Shredding Machine in Spain

Raw Materials Available for Beston Tyre Shredder Machine for Sale

Full-steel radial tire, semi-steel radial tire, bias tire and other various materials of 600mm-1200mm waste rubber products, including: automobile tires, tractor tires, aircraft tires, trolley tires, bicycle tires, etc.

Raw Materials Available for Beston Tyre Shredder Machine for Sale

Function of Tyre Shredding Machine

Function: Break the whole tire into rubber blocks below 50mm or 30-200 mesh rubber powder.

Rubber Chips from Tyre Shredder for Sale
Rubber Chips
Rubber Powder from Tyre Shredder for Sale
Rubber Powder
Tire Bead Steel from Tyre Shredder for Sale
Tire Bead Steel

Main Configuration of Beston Tire Shredder for Sale

Tyre Shredder for Sale
Overview of Tyre Shredder for Sale

Sidewall cutting machine: to cut the whole tyre into small pieces, and separte the sidewall, which can be reprocessed by the below steel wire remover and comprehensive shredder;

Sidewall cutting machine
Sidewall cutting machine in Indonesia

Steel wire remover: to remove the steel wire from waste tyres, and the separted steel wires which are not deformed and the steel wires can be sold at high price;

Steel wire remover
Steel Wire Remover

Comprehensive rubber shredder: to crush the whole tyre (diameter below than 1600mm) or the cutting-off tyre into 50mm*50mm tyre pieces, which can be sold directly, or reprocessed into rubber granules or pwder. The rubber granules can be directly fed into pyrolysis reactor to get fuel oil and carbon black; the rubber powder can be used for producing new rubber products.

Comprehensive rubber shredder
Comprehensive Rubber Shredder
Device Power (KW) Capacity Weight (KG) Size (M) Size of tyres to shred (MM) Occupied area (m²)
Sidewall cutting machine 7.5 10-60tyres/h 1200 2.9*1.04*1.8 650-1200 4
Steel wire remover 18.5 50-60tyres/h 1500 1.5*1.55*1.15 650-1200 3
Comprehensive rubber shredder 55*2+5.5+1.5 4t/h 16000 4.5*4*3.5 / 25

Applications of Beston Tyre Crusher Machine

  • Sports venue laying: runway, school sports field, swimming pool and garden trails, sidewalks, bowling alleys, kindergarten sports fields and entertainment fields, tennis and basketball courts, etc.
  • Automobile industry: strips, floor mats of trains, brake disc ribbons, floors of cars and trucks, brake bushings, sealing strips, buffers, shock absorbers, etc.
  • Construction/Equipment: Adhesives, sealants, medical equipment, insulating rubber materials, carpet liners, waste brake surfaces, molded products, etc.
  • Civil engineering/Asphalt: drainage pipes, filters, soil conditioning, pavement covering, horse racing tracks, railway crossings, etc.
  • Production of recycled rubber: used to produce various rubber products.
  • Oil/gas industry: for pyrolyzing to fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas by related Beston pyrolysis plant.
Tyre Shredder for Sale
Beston Tyre Shredder for Sale Installed in Spain

Features of Beston High Quality Low Cost Tyre Shredder for Sale

  • Compact structure.
  • High working efficiency and low energy consumption. The maximum capacity is 4 tons per hour.
  • We use a side-by-side combination design for the shredding room and it is very convenient for maintenance.
  • The shredding blade adopts hard alloy bead welding technology to make sure a high hardness, strong wear-proofing ability and durability.
  • The round mesh screen uses steel wire grid structure to ensure a large area for the falling materials, so as to screen qualified materials out.

Operation Flow of the Tire Shredding Machine

  1. Before shredding, all of the tyres will be sent to the wire drawing machine and the machine will draw out all the steel wires inside of the tyres.
  2. Motor driver of the tire shredder drives hydraulic motor and then slows down through planetary gear. And then uses a strong cutting torque to cut, squeeze and roll the waste tires or tyre pieces constantly under a normal temperature.
  3. After that, the tyres will be shredded in to pieces and start to be screened. Qualified pieces will be transited out and the bigger pieces will be sent back to the cutting room to receive another round of cutting with other materials.
  4. The above process will be repeated until all the qualified tyre pieces are transited out.
  5. Finally you will get tyre pieces with the size of 50 × 50 mm. Since our tyre shredding machine is a pretreatment plant for waste tyres pyrolysis plant and tyre rubber powder producing line, we usually use belt conveyor to transit the qualified tyre piece to the next step of processing.
Operation Flow of the Tire Shredding Machine
Operation Flow of the Tire Shredding Machine
Beston provide two types of tire shredder machine for sale with different capacities. you can see the detailed parameters as follows:

Types 900 1200
Feeding Material Size ≤φ900 mm ≤φ1200 mm
Output Material Size 50*50mm 50*50mm
Capacity 2T/h 4T/h
Motor Power 20*2+1.5+0.5KW 45*2+1.5+1.5KW
Dimension 2000x2500x2800mm 4000x3400x3700mm
Weight 6.8 T 18 T

The clients can buy tyre shredder according to the actual needs and budgets. Aside from high quality machines, Beston also provide best after-sale services to our clients. We have a professional technical maintenance team and they are ready to solve every problem you have about our products.

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