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Batch working method, capacity of 5-10t/d.

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Small Pyrolysis Machine

Small pyrolysis machine is currently a good solution for treating waste on a small scale. Meanwhile, if your budget or production space is not sufficient, this kind of machine might be a good choice. This small-scale machine is also known as a batch pyrolysis plant, which can process waste tire/rubber/plastic/oil sludge. Beston offers this kind of machine and tries to make it much more practical for customers.

Beston Small Pyrolysis Machine
Beston Small Pyrolysis Machine

What is Small Pyrolysis Machine?

The small pyrolysis machine puts waste tires or waste plastics into a closed reactor. At the same time, the waste undergoes heating and pyrolysis within a specific temperature and pressure range. During this process, the equipment produces liquid oil, non-condensable combustible gas, and solid products. Compared with the continuous work of the fully automatic pyrolysis plant, its working mode is intermittent. Hence, it earns the designation of a batch pyrolysis plant. Besides, it covers less area and has lower energy consumption. The daily handling capacity is also small and no more than 10t/d.

Intall Small Pyrolysis Machine in Cyprus
Install Small Pyrolysis Machine in Cyprus

Raw Materials Suitable for Batch Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Tires
Waste Tires/Rubber
Waste tires/rubber: one of the main components of tires is rubber. Various types of waste tires and rubber materials can contribute to oil generation. This encompasses a wide spectrum, from large car tires, truck tires, and OTR tires to motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, rubber cable sheaths, rubber soles, and a myriad of other rubber sheets or carpets. For example, the oil yield of big car tires, truck tires, and OTR tires is 45%-52%; the oil yield of small car tires, motorcycle, and bicycle tires is 35%-40%; the oil yield of rubber cable sheath, and rubber soles is about 35%; the oil yield of all kinds of rubber sheets or carpets is 30%; the oil yield of Unclassified rubbers is about 35%.
Waste plastics: except for PVC and PET, almost all the other kinds of plastics can be used for pyrolysis to get oil. For example, the oil yield of pure PP, PE, PS can reach more than 90%; the oil yield of ABS is more than 40%; the oil yield of pure white plastic sheets is about 70%; the oil yield of instant noodles packing bags is 40%; the oil yield of plastic logo is 20%; the oil yield of wet paper-mill waste is 15%-20%; the oil yield of dry paper-mill waste is 50%; the oil yield of plastic household garbage is 30%-50%; the oil yield of pure plastic cable sheath is 80%; the oil yield of pure plastic bags is 30%.
Waste Plastic
Waste Plastic
Oil Sludge
Oil Sludge
Oil sludge: there are floor oil sludge, tank bottom oil sludge, refinery oil sludge, crude oil sludge, petroleum sludge, engine oil sludge, etc. The oil content of different sludge materials determines the oil yield.

Usage of End Products Obtained from Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant

Raw Materials End Products
Waste tires Pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire;
Waste plastics Pyrolysis oil, carbon black;
Oil sludge Pyrolysis oil, water, sand.

Different raw materials generate different end products, and the proportions of the final products vary. All the final products generated by the small pyrolysis machine can be sold directly or widely used in many areas.

  • Pyrolysis oil: used as fuel in many industries; refined to non-standard diesel by oil distillation system if you want to sell it at a better price or have wider applications;
  • Carbon black: used as the raw material to produce fortifiers, filler, and colorants in rubber and plastic industry;
  • Steel Wires: reused in steel-making factories to produce steel rods.
  • Combustible Gas: After recovering it, it serves as fuel for combustion in the main furnace.
Pyrolysis Oil
Pyrolysis Oil
Carbon Black
Carbon Black
Steel Wire
Steel Wire
Combustible Gas
Combustible Gas

Basic Parameters of Beston Small Pyrolysis Machine for Sale

Beston Group provides different models of machines for customers to choose from. Not only that, but we also provide different solutions according to the customer’s application scenarios. On the basis of the standard configuration, each system has a unique matching scheme. For example, in the feeding system of the machine you can choose manual feeding, platform feeding, screw feeding, and hydraulic feeding. In addition, we also provide customers with vertical condensing systems and containerized condensing systems. When dealing with plastics, we recommend customers choose catalytic systems. Including two schemes of double catalytic tower and manifold + catalytic tower. Also, if you want the production site to be clean and odor-free, Beston Group also provides dust removal modules and high-end exhaust gas treatment solutions. If you are interested in small pyrolysis equipment, welcome to consult us.

Model BLJ-6 BLJ-10 BLJ-16
Capacity 4-6t/d 8-10t/d 12-16t/d
Working Process Batch Batch Batch
Reactor Size φ2200*6000mm φ2600*6600mm φ2800*7100mm
Reactor Material Q345R Q345R Q345R
Drive System 400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor 400 reducer+5.5kw drive motor 500 reducer+7.5kw drive motor
Land (L*W*H) 30m*12m*8m 30m*13m*8m 33m*13m*8m
Power 37.85kw 44.3kw 55.6kw
Burner 2*300,000 kcal 2*300,000 kcal 2*400,000 kcal
Total Weight of Shipped Materials About 24.5t About 28t About 34.5t
Number of Containers 1*40FR+1*40HQ+1*20 GP 1*40FR+2*40HQ 1*40FR+2*40HQ
Noise (dB) ≤60 ≤60 ≤60
Heating Materials Fuel oil (including tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil), natural gas, LPG, diesel, etc.
Condensing System Vertical Condenser φ630*3600
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
Single piece condensing area
3-in-1 Condenser 5800*2260*2500
Condensing area
Condensing area
Condensing area

Batch Pyrolysis Plant VS Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

The degree of automation is different.

A fully continuous pyrolysis plant operates in a continuous manner. This includes continuous feed, uninterrupted fuel output and seamless soot discharge. There’s no requirement for shutdown during pyrolysis reactor cooling and carbon black slagging. This enables sustained operation for a span of 20-30 days without any interruption.

For batch pyrolysis plants, the process starts with the feed. Subsequently, the heating initiates the conversion of the oil vapor into fuel oil. Subsequently, the pyrolysis reactor is cooled. Finally, carbon black slagging is carried out. Each process must start after the previous process is complete.

The pretreatment of raw materials is different.

The continuous pyrolysis plant handles materials like tires, rubber, and plastics. These materials must be in a clean state, and they need to undergo shredding initially. For instance, you must crush tires into 5mm rubber particles devoid of steel content. This ensures seamless material input and output, facilitating the uninterrupted operation of the continuous tire pyrolysis plant.

The batch pyrolysis equipment doesn’t demand specific raw material conditions. Therefore, you can directly feed whole tires or waste plastic into the pyrolysis reactor. The need for cutting, cleaning, or screening is not necessary. The final feed size is determined according to the furnace door size.


Beston Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Why Choose a Pyrolysis Equipment in Small Scale?

Ideal for All Kinds of Customers

Are you a manufacturer that has been in the field for long? Perhaps you’re a newbie in the pyrolysis oil industry and looking for something to start with. Whichever category you belong to, the small-scale pyrolysis machine is the perfect choice for you. The machine helps professionals to see the other side of the pyrolysis process through batch operation. For starters, it is the ideal way to begin pyrolysis oil production.

Cost-effective Investment Option

The machine boasts a meticulously crafted design for optimal efficiency. It can efficiently recycle 6-10 tons of plastics or tires within a day. Moreover, its compact footprint minimizes land occupancy while concurrently reducing overall costs. Besides, the small pyrolysis machine price is also as low as $67000. The output is high and the oil price has become higher in the market. So you can turn waste into treasure and make profits.

Beston Small Pyrolysis Machine Installed in Customer’s Site

Working Process Description of Small Batch Pyrolysis Machine

Taking waste tires as the feeding materials, the process is divided into the following steps:

STEP1. Reaction

Feed the waste tires into the vacuum pyrolysis reactor by manual or automatic method, including belt conveyor, hydraulic feeder, and auto screw feeder.

After putting the tires into the reactor and sealing the reactor door, start the burner for preheating. When the reactor temperature reaches around 150 degrees, which takes about 2h, it will start producing oil gas.

The oil gas will first go from the reactor to the manifold. The purpose of the manifold is to separate sludge oil from oil gas. The syngas then will be directed to the cooling system oil condenser to be liquefied.  The liquid oil will remain in the oil tank while the non-condensable gas will go through hydro-seal, which is to purify the gas and prevent backfire as a safety device.

Finally, the non-condensable gas return back to the combustion chamber to burn as a substitute for fuel. Usually, the burner for preheating can be shut down after 2 hours once the system starts to generate oil gas.

Every batch of reaction will generate more than enough gas than the system can consume. Taking 10 tons of pyrolysis, for instance, the surplus gas will be around 200m3. The surplus gas can be either burned out in the waste combustion chamber or reserved in an airbag to use later.

STEP2. De-dusting

The smoke from burning from both the combustion chamber and waste combustion chamber will go through a flue condenser before reaching the de-dusting tower. The flue condenser will reduce the temperature of hot smoke from 400 to 200 degrees. This is to protect draft fans from damage caused by high temperatures. The De-dusting tower consists of three parts, the water tank, the spray tower, and the chimney. In order to meet the emission standard, the hot smoke will go through two layers of ceramic ring absorption and water spray from the tower before releasing.

STEP3. Discharging

Taking BLJ-10 small pyrolysis equipment, for instance, takes 10h to react. After the reaction, the temperature of the reactor needs to cool down to 100 degrees, and it will take about 7h, then start discharging. The carbon black will discharge from the rear end of the reactor by the first auto discharger, then the cooling discharger, finally to the ash tank. The discharge will take about 2 hours.

STEP4. Wire Extraction

If the feeding material is a whole tyre or big tyre pieces, at the end of the process, the wire needs to be extracted from the front door of the reactor. When using the whole tyre, the extraction is done by pulling a forklift; when using the tyre pieces, the extraction can be done by the small discharge door located in the front face of the reactor.

Install Small Pyrolysis Plant in Mexico
Install Small Pyrolysis Plant in Mexico

Excellent Safety Guarantee of Beston Small Pyrolysis Unit

Safe production is the foundation of the project. Beston Group adopts many designs to ensure the safety and reliability of the whole pyrolysis process.

  1. The small pyrolysis plant design is strictly implemented in accordance with national standards, machinery industry standards, industry standards, etc., so as to ensure the interchangeability, safety, reliability and quality are guaranteed (GB/T32662-2016, NB/T47003.1-2009, GB/T 51007-2014, GB/T 50770-2013, GB/T713-2008, JB/T5994-1992, JB/T5000.3-2007, etc.);
  2. Perform product testing and pre-installation in strict accordance with the ITP plan, and must meet the product safety and quality requirements of each link;
  3. It is designed with multiple safety protection devices and safety instrument valves, which can perform multi-point and multi-position monitoring, and understand the operating temperature and pressure of each component in real-time, which is extremely safe;
  4. The installation engineer conducts professional installation and commissioning at the installation site, estimates the blind spots of the safety assessment, and passes the local safety assessment and testing once.
Beston Small Scale Pyrolysis Unit Shipped to Egypt
Beston Small Scale Pyrolysis Unit Shipped to Egypt

Superior of Beston Batch Pyrolysis Machine

The batch pyrolysis plant designed by China Beston Group has many features that the plants from the other manufacturers do not have, such as:

  1. The post-slagging design makes the whole pyrolysis process tidy and the efficiency high;
  2. The residual oil tank guarantee safety;
  3. The visual hydro-seal can help us observe the internal situation;
  4. The modular condensing system and the de-dusting system can be designed according to the customer’s special requirement and situation, which is also easy for delivery, transportation, installation, and maintenance;
  5. Shortening the installation cycle significantly saves costs for customers..;
  6. All the products of Beston have got certificates of CE, ISO, and SGS.
small scale pyrolysis plant
Install Small Scale Pyrolysis Plant in Sudan

Successful Cases and Users Evaluations of Beston BLJ-6/10 Small Pyrolysis Machines

As one of the top pyrolysis plant manufacturers in China, Beston Machinery has exported and installed pyrolysis machines all over the world. The following two videos are customer evaluations in Indonesia and Zimbabwe. Besides, we have listed some cases for your reference.

[videopress tIpZO7zB]
[wpvideo GJutlrNh]

Can Small Pyrolysis Machine be Profitable?

Yes, it is!

Taking waste tires as raw materials, here is the profit analysis of the BLJ-6 batch tyre pyrolysis machine for your reference. It is just for your reference. You can contact us for the details and the most accurate report.

Analysis of BLJ-6  Pyrolysis Plant To Process Waste Tyre
Items Unit Consumption Unit price Total
Material Tyre 6MT/Day $46/MT
Fuel Pyrolysis oil 100kg/Day $0/kg
Electricity Pyrolysis 42.4KW (70%) 18Hour $0.14/KWH Daily consump 534kwh
Labor 6 person 1 day $15/person/day
Pyrolysis oil 45% oil yield 2.7MT $410/ton
Carbon black 30% yield 1.8MT $50/ton
Steel wire 15% yield 0.9MT $150/Ton
Daily Input
Items Unit Consumption Unit price Total
Tyre Ton 6 $46.00 $276.00
Pyrolysis oil KG 100 $0.00 $0.00
Electricity Pyrolysis KWH 534 $0.14 $74.76
Labor Person 6 $15.00 $90.00
Total $440.76
Daily Output
Items Unit Consumption Unit price Total
Pyrolysis oil Ton 2.7 $410.00 $1,107.00
Carbon black Ton 1.8 $50.00 $90.00
Steel wire Ton 0.9 $150.00 $135.00
Total $1,332.00
Daily Profits
Output – Input $891.24
Month Profits (25 working days) $22,281.00
Annual (10 Months) $222,810.00

Why Choose Beston Group to Be Your Small Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturer?

Professional technical and business communication:

We have professional technical knowledge and business communication skills. We have a very professional team in the industry.

Professional design plan:

Proceed from the needs of customers, and do technical communication, preliminary test reports, and preliminary plans from the perspective of customers. We always stand with customers and take ourselves as the role of the project partner to do this.

Stable product quality:

Strictly control the quality port from the production side, improve our production technology and production skills, let the quality awareness come alive, and make the product quality become a medium of continuous communication with customers in the later period.

Regular product return and call:

Pay more attention to customers’ projects and dynamics. Let customers feel our concern and continuous follow-up for customer projects.

Professional after-sales service guarantee:

We have a large professional after-sales service team, from equipment installation and commissioning to the later operation of the equipment, we will provide support to make sure your machines running well.

Beston Small Pyrolysis Unit for Sale With Reasonable Price

Start Your Pyrolysis Project with Beston Group

If a small pyrolysis machine piques your interest, consider choosing Beston Group. Because we are professional manufacturer with professional strength and rich experience. If you want to know more about this plant before you purchase, contact us or leave your message on Pinterest to us directly below.

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