Russian Customer Visited Beston Factory of Pyrolysis Plant

On May 19 and 20, Beston Russian customer visited Beston’s factory in Shangqiu City. He visited the testing ground and the workshop of our pyrolysis plants under the guidance of the sales manager and the factory representative.

Russian Customer Visited Beston's Factory of Pyrolysis Plant
Russian Customer Visited Beston’s Factory of Pyrolysis Plant

He also talked about his questions of our newly designed pyrolysis equipment with the sales manager and expressed his own idea about the BLJ-6 waste pyrolysis plant, which is a small scale pyrolysis plant (batch-type). He wanted to make it a continuous one and also raised some new claims about the plant. Later we continued to talk about the commission. We are very happy that our high-quality plant with new design satisfied him and we will make a new quotation for him according to his new claims.

Russian Customer Visited Beston Pyrolysis Plant
Russian Customer Visited Beston Pyrolysis Plant

During his stay, the customer’s also impressed the beautiful natural scenery of Central China, so we took one day to visit the local places of interests with him. The considerate services of Beston and the hospitality of us left him a deep impression.

Russian Customer Visited Beston Pyrolysis Plant Factory
Russian Customer Visited Beston Pyrolysis Plant Factory

We are both looking forward to the future cooperation. And if you are also interested in our pyrolysis equipment, you can contact us at any time. Except for the existing types of machines we offer, we can provide private customizing according to the different claims of the customers. We can also give reasonable suggestions depending on the budget, space of working and raw materials the customers can provide because WE ARE PROFESSIONAL.

    Please specify your requirement by referring to the following aspects:

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