Customers from Lebanon Visited Beston Waste Recycling Machines

Customers from Lebanon visited Beston on August 13, 2018. They came all the way from Lebanon to visit our waste separation machine and pyrolysis equipment.

Customers from Lebanon Visited Beston Waste Recycling Machines
Customers from Lebanon Visited Beston Waste Recycling Machines

Before they came to China, they have got a general idea of Beston’s waste recycling plants. They are attracted by the high quality but reasonable prices of our plants. At the same time, they are very interested in waste sorting and recycling technology, which is also the main topic Beston has always researched on. After they arrived, Beston sales consultants and the director of the factory received the customers warmly, and then took them to see the producing lines of our waste segregator and introduced the working process and principle to them.

The customers told us the problems of waste treatment and management in Lebanon is facing the great challenge now. So, they are in bad need of some high-efficiency solid waste management plant, meanwhile, they hope they can reach a “win-win” situation both in environmental protection and profit-making. As a result, when we introduced the waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis plant for sale of Beston, they showed great interests in it. They are attracted by the machine that turns plastic and tyres into fuel oil and they believe it is a good way to turn waste into treasure.

Customers from Lebanon Visited Beston
Customers from Lebanon Visited Beston Group
Customers from Lebanon Visited Beston Machinery

Later, we took them to see our latest technology of Three-in-One Oil Discharging System and invited them to see the demonstration of discharging. They are amazed by the efficiency brought by this new design and finally, they expressed a sincere and strong intention to cooperate with Beston.

Beston has won the trust and favor of the customers all over the world by our rigorous attitude towards research and manufacturing and our excellent services. We welcome all the friends who are interested in our recycling plants to contact us, visit us and get to know more about Beston products.

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