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BTF1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Guyana in January, 2022

Beston pulp molding machine delivery news updates! Beston BTF1-4 egg tray making machine was shipped to Guyana in January, 2022. Guyana is an important market for Beston Group. We will try our best to meet the customer’s requirement and let “Beston” brand become more and more popular in Guyana. If you want to buy an egg tray equipment in Guyana, you can contact Beston for the most cost-effective machines and perfect service.

BTF1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Guyana
BTF1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Guyana

Introduction of Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine to Guyana

The customer in Guyana has ordered one set of egg tray making machine from Beston company, to make paper trays for 30 eggs (5*6). He has chosen the model of BTF1-4 (1200-1500 pieces/h). He has also chosen the plastic molds (free provided in Beston) for molding egg trays. To dry the wet egg trays, he decided to take advantages of natural drying in the sun. It is also a good method for saving cost. In the whole cooperation process, Beston has helped customer in Guyana choose the favorite machine and obtain a satisfactory egg tray making price.

Beston Manual Egg Tray Making Machine to Guyana
Manual Egg Tray Making Machine to Guyana
Egg Tray Making Machine to Guyana

Video of Beston Egg Tray Machine to Guyana

In the video, you can see that the goods are being loaded on the truck. The production and delivery of the machine has been finished as planned. It will also arrive in Guyana as scheduled. We will update the installation status later (with the customer’s permission). You can also visit more pulp molding machine cases here.

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