Beston Visits Indonesia and Values Southeastern Asia Market

Beston project manager Mr. Zoe Zhang will lead his team including the excellent sales consultants (Miss Sophie Liu, Miss Cindy Chu, and Miss Shirley Dong) and the engineer Mr. Xu of Beston waste recycling plant to visit Indonesia during Mar. 3rd and Mar. 11th this year.

It will be a GOOD NEWS for Indonesian friends because the visiting group will bring the latest information of Beston well-known recycling machines like waste paper pulping molding machine, biochar production technology, pyrolysis technology and waste sorting techniques to the local people in Surabaya and Jakarta of Indonesia.

In addition, it will be a returning visit for the current customers of Indonesia. Beston has sold tyre pyrolysis plants to the local customers and we hope we can understand more about the real demand of the local customers, supply more suitable products for the local market and establish long-term cooperation through the second-time returning visit.

At the same time, Indonesia is a very important market of Beston in the area of Southeastern Asia. We hope this visit can also attract more neighborhood customers in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

If you are interested in waste recycling machinery and you want to meet Beston Team in Indonesia, you can leave your message to us bellow as soon as possible.

Beston Visits Indonesia
Beston Team Visits Indonesia
Beston Team Visited Indonesia

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