Join us in Indonesia!

Beston participates in the 10th Indonesia’s No.1 Waste Technology and Solution Industry Event during June 28 and 30, 2018.

Join us in Indonesia
Join us in Indonesia!

We have sent our best sales team and engineering specialists to the exhibition. At the same time, they will bring our latest technologies and designs of the main products: pyrolysis machine, waste sorting system and biochar making machine with them and share them with the visitors of this big event.

For decades, Beston has played a leading role in waste recycling equipment manufacturing in China. Our products have been sold and put into uses in many countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, South Korea, Egypt, South Africa, etc.

Besides, owing to the climate and typical plants variety such as coconut tree and palms in Southeastern Asia, Beston high-efficiency biochar making equipment has become more popular in the countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore recent years.

The exhibition is on right now and Beston has received dozens of customers to visit. We’d like to share some information about our researches in the field of waste to energy and we welcome all the individuals, companies or organizations which are interested in waste recycling to meet us in this exhibition.

10th Indonesia’s No.1 Waste Technology and Solution Industry Event
Beston in 10th Indonesia’s No.1 Waste Technology and Solution Industry Event
Beston in Indonesian Exhibition
Beston Group in Indonesian Exhibition

If you are going to do something about waste recycling for your city or your country and you are right near Indonesia, meet us in Surabaya, Indonesia or you can contact us NOW.

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10th Indonesia’s No.1 Waste Technology and Solution Industry Event

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