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Beston BLL-30 Pyrolysis Machine Ready to Deliver to Romania

Congratulations! BLL-30 continuous pyrolysis plant is leaving the factory and ready for delivering to Romania.

Beston BLL-30 Pyrolysis Machine Ready to Deliver to Romania
Beston BLL-30 Pyrolysis Machine Ready to Deliver to Romania

As one of the key markets of Beston, Romania customers have cooperated with Beston several times before. Our high-efficiency BLL-30 continuous pyrolysis plant for sale has helped many recycling companies in Romania to recycle the municipal solid wastes. Besides, Beston has a branch office in Romania, which plays an important role in current and future cooperation in waste recycling plant trade between China and Romania. At the same time, the connection between China and European countries becomes much closer thanks to the recognition from Romanian customers. We hope this plant will arrive in Romania safely and we are ready to provide assistance once the customers need helps in preliminary construction, assembling and installation, and commissioning.

BLL-30 Pyrolysis Machine Ready to Deliver to Romania
Beston Pyrolysis Machine Ready to Deliver to Romania
BLL-30 Pyrolysis Plant in Romania

Except for waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis plants for sale, Beston Group also supplies other machines to recycle biomass waste and municipal solid waste. Should you need any further information about those plants, you can feel free to visit our website or leave your message to us now.

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