2 Sets of BLL-16 Thermal Desorption Units Shipped to South Sudan in September 2022

Shipping news is coming! 2 sets of Beston BLL-16 thermal desorption units were shipped to South Sudan in September 2022. The TDU units are used for fuel oil sludge treatment, and they can be called oil sludge pyrolysis plants as well.

2 Sets of BLL-16 Thermal Desorption Units Shipped to South Sudan in September 2022
2 Sets of BLL-16 Thermal Desorption Units Shipped to South Sudan in September 2022

Information of Beston TDU Units to South Sudan

BLL-16 Thermal Desorption Units Shipped to South Sudan

  • Location: South Sudan;
  • Shipping date: September, 2022;
  • Configuration: 2 sets of BLL-16 units with automatic spiral machine and water-cooling slag;
  • Working process: semi-continuous;
  • Raw material to process: drill cuttings, tank bottom oil sludge, floor oil sludge, etc.;
  • Final product to get: fuel oil;
  • Production cycle: 60 working days;
  • Shipping from: Qingdao port;
  • Expecting arrival time: at the end of November, 2022;
  • Installation method to choose: online guidance.

Cooperation Process With Customer in South Sudan

This South Sudan customer got in touch with Beston through a friend’s introduction. After getting in touch, we have confirmed the customer’s requirement and provided the most suitable solution and business plant for him. We have also calculated the ROI of starting thermal desorption units in South Sudan and provided customers with detailed project feasibility reports. The customer was very satisfied with the overall customized plan, and then signed the contract and paid.

Shipment of Semi-continuous TDU Plants to South Sudan

From the following video, you can see that all the goods were prepared well and were loaded to the truck for being shipped to South Sudan. We have sent all the pictures and videos to our customer in South Sudan. The customer was quite satisfied with Beston’s timely delivery and professional service. Both of us are looking forward to install Beston semi-continuous pyrolysis plants in Sudan to recycle oil sludge.

Starting a TDU Project in South Sudan

We will update the installation of this project in the near future. Please add the website to your favorite and follow us. If you are also considering investing in such a project, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can get to understand the project by filling in the contact form below.

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