Users Evaluation in Zimbabwe

The video is about Beston BLJ-6 waste tyre pyrolysis plant in Zimbabwe, including the following parts:

  • The Good comments from Zimbabwe customer;
  • Customer inspection factory;
  • Production process;
  • Shipping process;
  • Installation process;
  • Equipment commissioning process;
  • Customer good comments.

The following is the users evaluation in Zimbabwe:

All the Beston and how are you

Welcome to our plant that we have finished. And this is the six ton a day pyrolysis plant. Come on.

All right, form this side we have got our gas burners and heavy oil burners. They are all on tracks and and they are working absolutely perfect to pushing in and out. And the gas burners all connect them in. Further down this way, we have got our water cools…water cools spiral for a moving sludge. And see what. On this side our spirally…the horizontal spiral. The gas across into the manifold. For the other side. Yeah we connected our manifold with the heavy oil tank on the bottom which will treat nicely we have got emergency exit up the top for gas and for pressure. And we have got our five across in to the 3 in 1 condensing unit. We have put a small flash guard on the side which is to original drawings just stop water from falling to outside, which was quite nicely. Through on this way. We have got our oil store section. These water tanks are to separate the water from the oil and from the pump into the big oil store tanks. We have got 50 thousand Liters of each storages for the oil that we can pump out to customers as we need. And from this side. This is our 40m3 water storage for cooling the exhaust pipe outside

And that engineer is working together online very nicely and thank you very much for all of your support and your help.(from Beston)

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