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FAQs of Charcoal Making Machine

What are the raw materials that can be processed by the machine?

Sewage sludge and all the biomass materials, such as wood chips, sawdust, coconut shell, rice husk, bamboo, straw, palm shell, sugarcane bagasse, etc.

Moisture of the raw materials?

If the moisture is higher than 20%, you will need a dryer.

Size of the raw materials?

The size should be smaller than 2cm.

How to make charcoal?

The charcoal production machine has adopted the famous carbonization technology (also called pyrolysis technology), which can convert the raw materials into charcoal, tar, wood vinegar and combustible gas. Here is the charcoal making process for your reference:


Biomass materials → pass through belt conveyor → sealed feeding device → fall into the inner tank of high temperature carbonization machine (medium temperature zone) → fall into high temperature zone for “high temperature pyrolysis, flue gas volatilization, sulfur release, carbon enrichment” → the process of carbonization finished → three-stage sealed and water-cooling discharging.


A large amount of flue gas (combustible gas) produced in the carbonization process → piped to the first-stage cyclone dust collector for duct removal → the flue gas after purification is converted into combustible fuel gas and then introduced into the auxiliary furnace as the heating source (the combustible flue gas is ignited with automatic ignition), the exhaust gas after heating source utilization → go through the cyclone dust collector for dust removal → exhaust gas dust collector for discharging.

Charcoal Making Process
Charcoal Making Process

Reaction Time?

Taking wood chips and rice husks as examples from feeding to discharging, the entire carbonization process lasts for 15 minutes to 25 minutes. The particle size, density, moisture content of the material and the phase of the finished carbon will all affect the carbonization time.

What are the finished products and applications?

Finally, we can get charcoal, tar, wood vinegar and combustible gas. All of them have wide applications. You can get the detailed application area here.

Charcoal yield?

Taking wood chips, rice husks and crushed coconut shells as an example, each ton of materials with a moisture content of less than 10% can obtain finished charcoal 280KG—-310KG, which is basically maintained at 3:1.

Types and models?

We have both batch and continuous types for your choice. There are four models, which range from 0.3t/h to 5t/h. You can choose the model according to the quantity of raw materials.

Heating sources for the machine?

Coal, wood, diesel, natural gas, LPG, etc.

Material carbonization temperature? Outlet temperature? Furnace temperature? Rotating speed?

The carbonization temperature of the material is also the reaction temperature of the material. Biomass is generally 380 degrees Celsius – 550 degrees Celsius.

The discharge temperature is below 30 degrees Celsius (if there is a buffer bin in the list, it does not need to be considered because the whole process is closed and not in contact with oxygen).

The temperature in the furnace is about 450 degrees Celsius – 750 degrees Celsius.

Under normal circumstances, the speed is 1-9 (the frequency conversion control is based on the actual operation).

Working method?

Continuous. One-size feeding and another side discharging.

Price of the charcoal machine?

Beston charcoal making machine price starts at $46000. The detailed price is depended on the machine you choose and the raw material you want to process. You can leave a message and we will send you the latest quotation in 24 hours. Or you can email us: official@bestongroup.com.

What do you need to confirm before buying the machine?

Your raw material; the size and the moisture of the raw material; your fuel for heating; the local voltage; whether you need a forming machine; etc.

Main components of the charcoal machine?

Belt conveyors, large angle conveyor, dryer, exhaust gas purification system, horizontal condenser, carbonization host, combustible gas purification system, etc. Details about Components of Charcoal Making Machine here.

Certificates of the machine?

CE, ISO, SGS, etc.

Does the machine pollute the environment?

NOT at all. The whole process will not generate any pollutant.

Exhaust emissions?

The mixed gas generated during the reaction of the material is stabilized (can also be directly burned) after (condensed, collected by tar wood vinegar), and then burned in the furnace for the second time. The combustion temperature is between 500 degrees Celsius and 800 degrees Celsius.

  • Firstly: Provide a heat source for heating the furnace body. The use of fuel in the main furnace can be regulated according to the actual situation of gas production, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. In the best state, only combustible gas can provide heat source for the equipment.
  • Secondly: the mixed gas produced by the reaction of the materialis burned at a high temperature of 500-800 degrees Celsius, while also eliminating the emission of harmful gases and reducing the discharge pressure.
Temperature monitoring and motor?

The complete set of equipment has 4-6 thermocouples, that is, there are 4-6 temperature detection points, (installation location: the main furnace and auxiliary furnaces are combustible tail gas into the tail gas and exit the finished charcoal outlet), all connected to the PLC, and the PLC can intuitively get the data control The cabinet adjusts the fan speed according to each temperature detection data to achieve a balance and ensure the quality of the equipment and the finished charcoal (Note: the reaction temperature and reaction time of the material will affect the data of the material and the finished charcoal).

Successful cases all over the world?

Up to now, Beston charcoal making machines have been exported to many countries, including: India, Ghana, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Kenya, Spain, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.


It is the service concept of Beston. Beston values service much and believes it has the same importance as the quality of our products. We have the ability to supply high-quality and considerate service throughout the whole process of pre-sale, on-purchase and after-sale phases of every customer.

Repair and maintenance?

Due to different materials and different supporting processes, our installers will train the owner’s personnel on operation and daily precautions according to the owner’s materials and actual operation after the installation and commissioning. And write the operation manual according to the actual operation (including maintenance matters and how to maintain it).

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