Canadian Customers Visited Beston Carbonization Machine Factory

On March 12 and 13, 2019, Canadian customer visited Beston charcoal making machine factory. The customer has been engaged in biomass carbonizing industry for a long time and this time he planned to seek for the reliable equipment that can process tobacco leaves and straws.

With the accompany of Beston sales consultants and the factory’s director and engineer, the customer visited our latest carbonization machine production workshop. He also raised some constructive and professional suggestions about the further optimizing of the carbonizing system. After that, he checked the final product, biochar, of the machine and was satisfied with the quality and usages of it.
Canadian Customers Visited Beston Carbonization Machine Factory
Canadian Customers Visited Beston Carbonization Machine

Beston will keep contact with the customer and we will continue the cooperation in the next step. Except for the tobacco sticks, our charcoal machine can process all other organic waste and produce biochar from them at high efficiency. If you are interested in this equipment, feel free to leave your message to us below.

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