Beston Will Attend Russia Waste Tech Exhibition in June 2019

In this June, Beston will attend the Waste Tech Exhibition in Moscow of Russia. It is an international exhibition through which the enterprises in solid waste recycling and management industry all over the world can get much closer to the Russian market and the market of the whole Commonwealth of the Independent States.

Beston Will Attend Russia Waste Tech Exhibition
Beston Will Attend Russia Waste Tech Exhibition 2019

Since 1999, the economy of Russia has been developed rapidly and now the GDP annual rate of increase keeps above 7%. At the beginning of 2009, China has become the first large trade partner of Russia. At the same time, the government of Russia pays much attention to solid waste management and treatment and the water resource reservation, especially the municipal sewage treatment system.

The above-said facts have prepared a good condition of cooperation between Russia and China waste recycling industry.

Depending on attending this Exhibition, Beston is confident that the Russian customers will get more familiar with us because we will not only bring our best engineers and products to the exhibition but also the latest technologies and techniques of waste recycling to all the attendees and audience.

If you are in Moscow and you are interested in waste recycling technology, here’s the address:

Pavilion 2, Hall 8, IEC CrocusExpo, Moscow, Russia

Duration of the Exhibition: June 4 to June 6, 2019

Attendees of Beston Group at this Exhibition: Mr. Nate He, Михаил, Андрей

You can also leave your message to Beston bellow no matter what kind of questions you have about solid waste recycling now.

Following-up Pictures of Exhibition in Russia Updating

Exhibition in Russia
Beston Exhibition in Russia
Following-up Pictures of Exhibition in Russia Updating
Beston in Russia Waste Tech Exhibition

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