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Beston Egg Tray Making Machines Installed in Dominica

Beston two sets of egg tray machines: BTF 5-8 & BTF-4-4 are just finished the installation in Dominica.

Checking the Important Parts of the Machine
Checking the Important Parts of the Machine
Preparing for the Installation
Preparing for the Installation
Installation Site
Installation Site

The professional after-sales engineer of Beston paper egg tray making machine helped the local worker with the installation and test-run of the machines.

Local Worker of the Customer
Local Worker of the Customer
Main Installation Completed
Main Installation Completed
Get Favorable Feedback from the Customer
Get Favorable Feedback from the Customer

Dominica is one of the important markets of Beston egg carton plant and we value every chance to cooperate with the local customer in the country. Last summer we sent a sales and engineering team to investigate the market of Dominica in particular and we will continue exporting more high-quality machines to the country.

Besides, no matter wherever you come from, Dominica, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or South Africa, etc, we will welcome you with full passion and provide our best service and products to you. Know more about Beston egg tray machine, leave your questions to us below.


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