How to Make Charcoal from Wood

Charcoal has very wide usages in human’s daily life. The most popular and well-known one, I guess, is the Barbecue. I hope when you’re having a nice barbecue in the park with your friends you can think a minute of how to make charcoal. There will be more than one answer for this question, because there are a lot of materials can produce charcoals. Today we are talking about how to make charcoal from wood and it will help you know even better about some sustainable energy in some common scenes of your daily life.

Making Charcoal from Wood Chips
Making Charcoal from Wood Chips
Wood chips, wood branches or other waste wood produced by certain agricultural activities or forestry of human have large potential of use in fact. Instead of being discarded or buried or burned, we can make them into wood charcoals which have higher value. The technology we use is called carbonization. What is carbonization?  It is a kind of conversion of an organic substance into carbon or a carbon-containing residue through pyrolysis or destructive distillation. It is often used in organic chemistry with reference to the generation of coal gas and coal tar from raw coal.

wood charcoal making machine
Wood Charcoal Making Machine to Make Wood Charcoal

How to Make Charcoal from Wood Chips

We need a machine called biochar making machine. Beston is a professional charcoal making machine manufacturer and supplier and we have high quality but low cost charcoal making equipment for sale.

  1. Belt conveyor transmits the wood branches or waste wood to the constant weight feeder. If the branches are big, they will be shredded into small pieces by a shredder or crusher before conveying. The diameter is no bigger than 200 mm and the thickness no bigger than 30 mm. But it is adjustable in accordance with actual need of the buyers.
  2. Feed the wood into the upper layer of the machine- the preheating drying host for drying until the water contain below 20% and then the dried wood fall down freely into the carbonization host automatically.
  3. And then, it is the main part of the process for making charcoal: high-temperature pyrolysis, smoke discharge, sulphur removing and then carbon collection will occur successively.
  4. After all the above steps completed, the charcoal will be discharged from the powder discharge port. At the same time, the flue gas generated during the working process will be collected to supply heat for the dryer system. It will help you save energy and reduce cost.
How to Make Charcoal from Wood Chips
How to Make Charcoal from Wood Chips – Beston Technology

With the help of the pyrolysis and carbonization technology and our wood charcoal manufacturing machine, you will find how to make wood charcoal. The process is easy, safe and pose no pollution to the environment.

After you figure out how to make charcoal from wood, I believe you will also know how to make coconut shell charcoal, sawdust, rice husk or sludge sewage, etc. Since they are all belong to organic wastes, there may be slight differences during the pre-treatment phase, but they share the similar recycling process to charcoal.

Features of Beston Wood Carbonization Technology

  • Beston Group adds an auto feeder and water-cooled slag extractor to realize a constant production for a whole day;
  • De-dusting system and purifying system make sure the flue gas meet the international environmental emission standard;
  • We add protective materials to the casing of the furnace to prevent the operator from hurting by the high temperature;
  • The central control system is optional for our clients to realize the separation of operator and machine and ensure the safety of the operator;
  • Standard control system for the power section;
  • The sealing device configured in the feeding and discharging section enables a safe operation and sanitary working place;
  • Affordable and competitive price. Beston promises to provide a reasonable wood charcoal machine price to every customer.

Beston is a professional charcoal making machine supplier. We have strong technological team, a perfect after-sale personnel team and hundreds of employees here in China. Our plant has been sold to many countries like India, Korea, South Africa, Australia, Europe, and Southeastern Asia, etc. We have strong faith in our plants. If you really have a lot of waste woods or any other kind of organic wastes to dispose and recycle, come to Beston and we can help.

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